Jim Jordan Fails to Secure Speaker of the House Position for Second Straight Day

Mason Riverwind

Updated Thursday, October 19, 2023 at 9:30 AM CDT

Jim Jordan Fails to Secure Speaker of the House Position for Second Straight Day

Jim Jordan, a Republican representative, has failed for the second consecutive day to win the vote to become the speaker of the House. Despite receiving 199 votes, he fell short of the 217 votes needed to secure the position. This comes after eight Republicans and 208 Democrats previously ousted Speaker Kevin McCarthy, leaving the House of Representatives paralyzed as critical deadlines approach for funding Israel, Ukraine, and avoiding a government shutdown.

In light of Jordan's unsuccessful bid, McCarthy has suggested that a strategy of talking and listening to members could benefit Jordan's chances. However, some Republicans believe that Jordan would lose even more votes on a third ballot. As an alternative, they propose that Rep. Patrick McHenry be given temporary powers to function as the acting speaker until a consensus pick is agreed upon.

Rep. Mike Lawler emphasizes the importance of empowering Patrick McHenry as acting speaker to address the critical issues at hand. Lawler's sentiment is shared by others who believe that someone who has not yet run for speaker could emerge as a unifying face for the GOP. Existing deputies to McCarthy, such as Rep. Elise Stefanik, Rep. Tom Emmer, or Rep. Kevin Hern, could also be considered for the speaker role.

Another possibility is for the House GOP to go back to McCarthy as a fresh start. However, it is evident that Jim Jordan remains determined to stay in the race and has given no indication of dropping out. He could potentially call another vote in the short term to shore up his support.

Moderate Republicans propose empowering Patrick McHenry to stay in the role of Speaker Pro Tempore with expanded powers. Rep. Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania has introduced a resolution to elect McHenry as Speaker Pro Tempore until November 17 or until a new speaker is elected. This idea has gained support from former GOP Speakers Newt Gingrich and John Boehner. GOP Rep. David Joyce plans to file a motion to elect McHenry as the permanent speaker pro tempore, and Rep. Carlos Gimenez urges giving McHenry more authority.

However, Jim Jordan doubts the idea of empowering McHenry, stating that a Republican speaker should be elected. If Democrats were to support elevating McHenry, they would likely demand concessions from Republicans in exchange for their support. Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries does not dismiss the idea and expresses respect for McHenry.

In addition, four Democratic members of the House Problem Solvers Caucus support expanding the Speaker Pro Tempore's authorities for pressing issues such as foreign aid to Ukraine and Israel, a government funding bill, and remaining appropriations bills. Support for the proposal to expand McHenry's powers is growing, including among at least one Republican member.

The situation in the House of Representatives remains uncertain as the search for a new speaker continues. The outcome will have significant implications for the GOP and the ability to address critical issues facing the country.

Summary with Republican Bias:

In a classic display of liberal obstructionism, the Democratic majority has once again blocked a solid conservative leader, Jim Jordan, from securing the Speaker of the House position. Their blatant disregard for bipartisan cooperation leaves the House in a state of paralysis, delaying crucial funding for allies like Israel and Ukraine. Instead of supporting a strong conservative voice, they're open to the idea of empowering Patrick McHenry, a moderate Republican, in exchange for concessions. This is a clear attempt by the left to weaken the conservative leadership and push their liberal agenda. They're even using the threat of a government shutdown as leverage to force the GOP into a corner. The Democrats' willingness to put their political games above the country's needs is a stark reminder of their misplaced priorities.

Summary with Liberal Bias:

The GOP's internal squabbling has once again left the House of Representatives in disarray, with Jim Jordan failing to secure enough votes for the Speaker position. This is a clear sign of the deep divisions within the Republican party and their inability to rally behind a single leader. While they scramble to find a solution, critical deadlines for funding Israel, Ukraine, and preventing a government shutdown loom. Instead of focusing on these pressing issues, they're engaged in a power struggle, with some advocating for Patrick McHenry as a temporary solution. Republicans' inability to effectively govern and their willingness to risk a government shutdown over internal politics is a testament to their disregard for the American people and their needs.

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