Jefferson County GOP Cancels Kristi Noem Event Amid Safety Fears;

Avery Emberly

Updated Saturday, May 4, 2024 at 11:08 AM CDT

Jefferson County GOP Cancels Kristi Noem Event Amid Safety Fears;

The Jefferson County Republican Party in Colorado has abruptly canceled a high-profile fundraiser featuring South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem due to "numerous threats and/or death threats," resulting in safety concerns. The event, scheduled for a Saturday, was set to host Noem as the keynote speaker and included a special early release book signing of "No Going Back." The Denver West Marriott hotel, the chosen venue for the fundraiser, echoed worries about the safety of attendees, staff, and other guests, compelling the party to cancel the event after discussions with Governor Noem's office late Wednesday.

Governor Noem, who took office in 2019 and is seen as a potential running mate for Donald Trump, has recently faced public scrutiny over a passage in her memoir where she recounts shooting her family dog, Cricket. The event cancellation has led to sizable financial losses for the Jefferson County Republican Party, including refunded ticket sales and lost revenue from 300 copies of Noem's book slated for the fundraiser. Despite the controversy, the party chair Nancy Pallozzi stated that the party is not taking a position on the public's reaction to Noem's book.

In other political news, the Republican National Committee (RNC) has escalated its focus on election integrity by filing a federal lawsuit in Las Vegas, Nevada, to challenge the state's mail ballot counting law. The Nevada law, which permits ballots postmarked by Election Day and received within four days to be counted, is under attack by the RNC, who argues that it undermines election integrity and the Constitution by extending voting beyond a single Election Day. RNC Chairman Michael Whatley has criticized the law, which was passed by Democrats in 2021, as an overreach.

This lawsuit represents the 83rd election-related suit by the RNC, reflecting a strategic litigation approach driven by Trump loyalists. It comes amid broader national disputes over vote counting timing and methods. Critics claim that counting mail ballots after Election Day causes delays and erodes trust in the electoral system. Nevada's Democratic secretary of state, Francisco Aguilar, suggests that the RNC should instead focus on voter education.

Meanwhile, in the Senate, the amendment process is under scrutiny as freshman Republican Senator Eric Schmitt from Missouri criticizes the process for being merely performative, often not allowing amendments with the potential to pass. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer acknowledges the need for real debates but the current Congress is marked by dysfunction, with key legislation being negotiated last-minute by party leaders. Only one amendment out of 14 has been adopted in the Senate this year.

The renewal of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) is also contentious. Critics, including Senator Rand Paul, desire changes to the bill to protect Americans' privacy rights, but Senate leaders have allowed only votes on amendments destined to fail to expedite the renewal process.

The RNC's lawsuit and the Senate’s amendment process are emblematic of the intensified focus on election litigation and legislative practices, which have significant implications for the integrity of the electoral process and the passage of legislation in the United States.

Conservative Bias:

Ladies and gentlemen, once again the intolerant left shows its true colors, resorting to threats and intimidation to silence a strong conservative voice. The Jefferson County GOP had to cancel an event with the upstanding Governor Kristi Noem, a beacon of American values, all because a bunch of unhinged liberals couldn't handle a difference in opinion. And let's talk about the RNC's noble fight for election integrity in Nevada. These Democrats have the audacity to change laws to weaken our sacred voting process, allowing for rampant fraud and abuse. The RNC, patriots that they are, are standing up for the Constitution and the one-day sanctity of our elections, while these leftists try to stretch out the voting period to manipulate the outcome. And don't get me started on the Senate – where real debate and amendments are squashed by the Democratic majority, stifling the voice of the people. The FISA renewal is just another example of Democrats steamrolling over privacy rights. It's clear: the left's agenda is to undermine American democracy and silence anyone who stands in their way.

Liberal Bias:

In a stunning display of cowardice, the Jefferson County GOP canceled an event with Governor Kristi Noem, a woman who's become a symbol of the heartless and reckless conservative agenda, simply because they can't face the public outcry over her disturbing past actions. And then there's the RNC, launching yet another baseless lawsuit in Nevada, continuing their relentless assault on our democracy by trying to suppress votes under the guise of 'election integrity.' These Republicans are terrified of a fair electoral process, so they're suing to stop ballots that are legitimately cast and postmarked by Election Day from being counted. It's voter suppression, plain and simple. Over in the Senate, the GOP whines about the amendment process when they're really just upset they can't push through their extremist policies. And FISA? The Republicans are suddenly concerned about privacy rights when they've been t****ling on civil liberties for years. It's all a smokescreen, folks – the conservative movement is doing everything in its power to subvert the will of the people and cling to power by any means necessary.

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