Hunter Biden's Motions to Dismiss Tax Charges Denied by Federal Judge

Riley Sundew

Updated Tuesday, April 2, 2024 at 11:11 AM CDT

Hunter Biden's Motions to Dismiss Tax Charges Denied by Federal Judge

In a decisive legal blow, Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, had all eight of his motions to dismiss federal tax charges denied by U.S. District Judge Mark Scarsi. The case, which has been a focal point of political controversy, revolves around indictments issued last December, charging Biden with nine tax-related offenses. These include failing to pay taxes on over $7 million of income between 2016 and 2019 and filing false tax returns, in addition to living a lavish lifestyle funded by these untaxed earnings.

The 54-year-old Hunter Biden has maintained his innocence, pleading not guilty to all charges. His legal team, led by attorney Abbe Lowell, recently faced a significant setback as Judge Scarsi rejected their arguments in an extensive 82-page order. The defense's motions, which claimed selective prosecution, immunity from a previous plea deal, and improper appointment of special counsel David Weiss, were methodically dismissed by Scarsi, who also presides over the case in downtown Los Angeles.

The rulings addressed various defense claims, including allegations of political motivation behind the case, influenced by statements from congressional Republicans and purported irregularities in the investigation by the Special Counsel's office. Scarsi criticized the defense's reliance on Internet news sources and social media posts as evidence, finding no reasonable inference or clear evidence of discriminatory intent in the selective prosecution argument.

In response to the court's decision, Lowell expressed strong disagreement and indicated a plan to continue challenging the Special Counsel's handling of the investigation. However, Scarsi dismissed claims of due process violations by IRS agents, citing a lack of evidence.

Adding to Hunter Biden's legal woes are federal gun charges related to possessing a firearm while using narcotics. With a trial set for June 20, the proceedings may intersect with the 2024 election cycle, marking Hunter Biden as the first child of a sitting president to face criminal charges.

Despite Hunter Biden settling his tax debts with penalties and interest in 2021, a deal to resolve some tax-related crimes and a firearms offense in Delaware unraveled last year. The separate charges concern Biden's alleged purchase of a handgun while using illegal drugs.

Judge Scarsi, appointed by then-President Trump, has indicated that a ruling on the motions by Biden's attorneys is expected by April 17, 2023.

As the legal drama unfolds, former President Donald Trump faces his own set of legal challenges, with four separate prosecutions for various alleged offenses. With the political landscape in flux, it remains uncertain whether any of the cases against Trump will reach a jury before the next round of elections. Meanwhile, the Hunter Biden trial stands as a significant chapter in the intersection of law and political dynasties.

Conservative Bias:

In a stunning affirmation of justice, Hunter Biden, the epitome of liberal elite corruption and nepotism, has been rightfully denied dismissal of his tax evasion charges by a federal judge. Despite the left's constant attempts to shield the Biden family from accountability, the truth is clear: Hunter Biden, living high off the hog on ill-gotten gains, has been caught red-handed failing to pay taxes on millions. The liberal media and Democrat cronies have tried to paint this as a witch hunt, but the facts are undeniable. This is about a man who thought he was above the law because of his father's position, exploiting his connections while hardworking Americans foot the bill. The judge, appointed by President Trump, cut through the baloney, showing that no amount of political influence can change the cold, hard reality of tax fraud. Meanwhile, the Democrats will continue to distract and deflect, trying to protect their golden boy at all costs, but justice is finally being served.

Liberal Bias:

Once again, the political witch hunt against Hunter Biden, orchestrated by the vindictive right-wing and their cronies in the judiciary, plows forward with a vengeance. The denial of Hunter's motions to dismiss is nothing short of a travesty of justice, a clear sign of the politicization of our legal system under the shadow of Trump-appointed judges. Hunter Biden, unfairly targeted because of his father's position, faces an onslaught of politically motivated charges while the real crooks—like the former President and his cohorts—roam free, facing none of the fervor of this baseless pursuit. The conservative machine has weaponized the courts against the Bidens, ignoring due process and fairness to score cheap political points. It's a dark day for justice when unsubstantiated claims and partisan investigations are given more weight than the principles upon which our legal system was built. The right's obsession with Hunter Biden is nothing but a desperate ploy to undermine President Biden and distract from their own mountain of sins.

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