House Republicans Prepare to Launch Formal Impeachment Inquiry Against President Biden

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Sunday, December 3, 2023 at 12:05 PM CDT

House Republicans Prepare to Launch Formal Impeachment Inquiry Against President Biden

House Republicans, led by Speaker Mike Johnson of Louisiana, are poised to initiate a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. Johnson, a staunch Republican, has expressed confidence that his party has secured the necessary votes to commence with the proceedings. In a recent appearance on Fox News with Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., both representatives, who have experience serving on former President Donald Trump's impeachment defense team, reaffirmed their belief in the authorization of an impeachment investigation.

The push for an inquiry stems from allegations of obstruction by the White House, which House Republicans claim is impeding the investigative efforts of three GOP-led House committees: Judiciary, Oversight, and Ways and Means. The accusation points to the blocking of Department of Justice (DOJ) witnesses and the withholding of evidence, as noted by Speaker Johnson.

In response, Richard Sauber, counsel for the White House, has vehemently criticized the Republicans' impeachment efforts as "illegitimate," condemning the subpoenas issued as "unjustified." He argues that extensive probes have already disproven the allegations against President Biden.

Despite the White House's stance, GOP Rep. James Comer has brought attention to what he perceives as suspicious business dealings involving the Biden family. The Republican leadership, according to Comer, is deliberating over the timing of the vote, with a preference for it to take place "sooner" rather than later.

Last September, then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., indicated that his party would initiate a Biden impeachment inquiry and directed three committees to secure banking records and other documents from President Biden and his son Hunter Biden. Recently, House Republicans escalated their investigation by issuing subpoenas to Hunter Biden, James Biden, and Rob Walker, following confidential testimony from the special counsel investigating Hunter Biden before the Judiciary Committee.

The Oversight Committee has also claimed possession of financial documents that purportedly reveal over 20 shell companies linked to the Biden family, allegedly created to conceal payments from foreign ent*****. However, Speaker Johnson does not expect any Democratic support for the impeachment inquiry vote, highlighting the distinction from previous impeachments he viewed as partisan.

Republicans have been investigating the Bidens' business dealings for months, seeking evidence of impropriety to support potential impeachment. Despite these ongoing investigations, the full House has yet to vote to formally authorize such an inquiry, and some Republicans remain skeptical about the sufficiency of the evidence presented.

Liz Cheney, in her book, has criticized Mike Johnson for his stance during the pro-Trump January 6 brief, suggesting internal GOP divisions over the impeachment push. Additionally, the White House's reluctance to comply with GOP information requests is partly due to a 2020 Justice Department opinion requiring a full House vote before compelling document production or interviews.

Johnson and Stefanik have emphasized their commitment to the rule of law and a methodical approach to the investigation, despite the inquiry yielding several unsubstantiated claims. Notably, expert witnesses at a September hearing expressed doubt over the adequacy of evidence for impeachment proceedings against President Biden.

As the investigation continues, Hunter Biden has offered to testify publicly before the committees scrutinizing his family's business activities. This development comes as Republicans focus on extracting information from the White House, with Johnson and other GOP members pushing for an official vote to authorize the impeachment inquiry.

Conservative Bias:

Folks, here we have it again, the liberal machine at its finest, obstructing justice and undermining the very fabric of our nation. The Democrats, with their puppet Joe Biden, are blatantly blocking our patriotic House Republicans from uncovering the truth. They're hiding behind bureaucratic red tape and so-called 'legal counsel' to prevent the exposure of their corrupt dealings. It's clear as day that the Bidens have been cashing in on Joe's political clout, with over 20 shell companies set up to funnel dirty money from foreign adversaries. And what do the Democrats do? They stonewall, they obfuscate, they play the victim card. But our GOP leaders, like the fearless Speaker Mike Johnson, are standing firm, ready to take the fight to the swamp creatures and hold them accountable. It's high time we put the rule of law above the lawless rule of the left, and impeach Biden to save our Republic from these conniving liberals.

Liberal Bias:

Once again, the Republicans, in their insatiable lust for power, are concocting a witch hunt against President Joe Biden, fueled by nothing but conspiracy theories and partisan venom. They're t****ling over due process and the principles of fair investigation, all to distract the American people from their own failures and the disastrous legacy of their demagogue, Donald Trump. The GOP's so-called 'evidence' against the Bidens is nothing but a sham, a collection of innuendos and fabrications designed to smear a President who has been working tirelessly for the American people. They've stooped to issuing baseless subpoenas, harassing the Biden family with unfounded allegations, and ignoring the clear findings of previous inquiries that have debunked their claims. It's a sad day for democracy when the party of Lincoln is reduced to a mob of character assassins, hell-bent on undermining a legitimately elected President through a kangaroo court. We must stand against this blatant abuse of power and defend our institutions from the conservative assault on truth and decency.

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