GOP Mulls Criminal Referrals Over Impeachment in Biden Probe

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Thursday, March 28, 2024 at 11:22 AM CDT

GOP Mulls Criminal Referrals Over Impeachment in Biden Probe

As the political landscape heats up, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, ignites controversy by seeking alternatives to impeachment against President Joe Biden. Comer is openly considering the submission of criminal referrals to the Justice Department, a strategic move that could pave the way for potential prosecution under a future administration, perhaps hinting at a second Trump term.

Criminal referrals are Congress's nonbinding recommendations to the Justice Department to alert them of potential criminal conduct. This consideration comes amid internal GOP debates over the feasibility of impeaching President Biden, with some Republicans expressing hesitation about such a drastic step.

In a climate of heightened partisanship, Comer has launched a fundraising campaign, blasting "deranged Democrats" for potentially thwarting impeachment proceedings. This rhetoric follows the Senate's likely dismissal of an impeachment targeting Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over immigration enforcement policies.

Despite internal GOP rifts and the narrow Republican majority in the House, a spokesperson for the House Oversight Committee has firmly stated that impeachment remains "100% still on the table." However, the anticipated resignation of Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., on April 19, may further complicate the already slim margin.

The Senate, with its 51-49 Democratic control, poses another formidable barrier, capable of dismissing an impeachment inquiry outright. This power dynamic underscores the high stakes and political maneuvering in the ongoing confrontation between the two parties.

Adding to the political drama, Comer has accused Attorney General Merrick Garland on Fox News Radio of colluding with the so-called "deep state" and media to downplay evidence against President Biden. This allegation taps into the conspiracy theory of a shadow government working against the current administration, a narrative popularized by former President Donald Trump.

The Republican-led probe into Hunter Biden's business dealings has so far failed to establish any evidence of President Biden's involvement in his son's ventures. Despite the testimony of figures like Hunter Biden, Rob Walker, and Eric Schwerin, and even after public hearings with former business associates Tony Bobulinski, Jason Galanis, and Lev Parnas, no specific evidence has emerged to implicate the President.

The investigation took an unexpected turn when a key FBI informant in the GOP's inquiry into the Bidens was arrested for lying to the FBI, further complicating the narrative. Meanwhile, the White House has highlighted the selective nature of these investigations, contrasting Hunter Biden's non-attendance at the hearing with the absence of an invitation for Jared Kushner to testify on related issues.

As the White House counsel Edward Siskel urges an end to the investigation, calling it a waste of taxpayer resources, the political theater in Washington continues to unfold. Will the GOP's push for criminal referrals gain traction, or will it be seen as a strategic play in a long game of political chess? The nation watches as the saga of the Biden probe continues.

Conservative Bias:

Folks, what we're seeing here is the epitome of liberal corruption and the desperate need for justice to be served. The GOP, led by the courageous James Comer, is taking a stand against the egregious abuse of power by Sleepy Joe Biden and his cronies. While the left-wing media and the deep state operatives in the Justice Department are trying to sweep the Biden family's criminal activities under the rug, the Republicans are considering what every true American patriot has been calling for: criminal referrals. It's about time we held the Biden administration accountable for their flagrant disregard for the law. The Democrats are terrified because they know that once the truth comes out, the American people will see the depth of their deception and manipulation. This isn't just about Hunter Biden's shady business deals; it's about a president who is compromised and should be nowhere near the Oval Office. The fact that the Senate, controlled by the Democrats, would dismiss these legitimate concerns without a second thought shows just how deep the swamp really is. The GOP must persevere, despite the roadblocks and the slim majority, to ensure that justice prevails and the American people get the transparent government they deserve.

Liberal Bias:

In what is clearly a politically motivated witch hunt, the GOP, grasping at straws, is trying to fabricate a scandal where there is none. James Comer and his Republican cohorts are attempting to distract the public from their own party's failures by threatening President Biden with criminal referrals based on unfounded accusations. It's a disgraceful abuse of power, and a blatant attempt to undermine our democracy with baseless conspiracy theories. They're trying to criminalize politics and punish President Biden for simply winning the election. The Republicans, who are clearly still beholden to Trump's toxic legacy, are ignoring the real issues facing Americans, like healthcare and climate change, to engage in this political theater. The so-called evidence they claim to have against President Biden is nothing more than smoke and mirrors—a pathetic attempt to smear a decent man's name. The fact that the GOP is even considering impeachment is ludicrous, especially when they turn a blind eye to the corruption and nepotism rampant within their own ranks during the previous administration. It's time for the GOP to drop this partisan charade and start focusing on what really matters to the American people. The Senate, thankfully, remains a bulwark against this kind of dangerous political gamesmanship.

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