Colorado Supreme Court Bars Trump from 2024 Primary Ballot

Mason Riverwind

Updated Thursday, December 21, 2023 at 2:15 PM CDT

Colorado Supreme Court Bars Trump from 2024 Primary Ballot

In a closely watched decision with far-reaching political ramifications, the Colorado Supreme Court has made a landmark ruling, barring former President Donald Trump from the state's 2024 Republican presidential primary ballot. The justices, in a narrow 4-3 vote, all appointed by Democratic governors, invoked the rarely used Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, known as the insurrection clause, due to Trump's actions on January 6, 2021. This clause, originally designed to prevent former Confederacy members from holding office, has now emerged as a controversial legal basis for disqualifying Trump.

While the ruling directly affects only the Colorado Republican primary, scheduled for March 5, 2024, it has ignited a nationwide debate. Prominent Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Sen. Susan Collins, and RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, have criticized the decision, arguing that it should be voters, not courts, who determine presidential candidates. McDaniel went as far as to call the ruling "election interference" and confirmed Trump's intention to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

This development has created a rift among Republicans, with some suggesting alternative nomination methods, such as a state assembly, should the decision stand. Meanwhile, potential Republican presidential candidates like Nikki Haley and Chris Christie have voiced their opposition to the court's ruling, emphasizing the importance of a fair electoral process. Haley, who has secured key endors****ts, expressed her wish to compete against Trump in a fair election, rather than see him disqualified by judicial means.

Legal challenges against Trump's candidacy are unfolding across the country, with varied outcomes in states like New Hampshire and Arizona. The Colorado justices' timing, delaying their decision until January 4, one day before the primary ballot printing deadline, suggests that Trump could still appear on the ballot pending ongoing litigation, highlighting the urgency of the legal challenges.

The U.S. Supreme Court now faces critical decisions regarding Trump's eligibility to run for president again, as well as the extent of his presidential immunity. These cases are being compared to defining moments in U.S. political history, similar to the Watergate era.

Despite the legal turmoil, Trump's base remains steadfast, with a New York Times/Siena College poll showing substantial Republican support even if he were convicted of a federal crime. Conversely, young voters who backed Biden in the 2020 election are now reevaluating their support for the upcoming election.

With the 2024 election landscape in flux, the Colorado Supreme Court's decision could set a precedent for Trump's candidacy in other states. As the Colorado GOP rallies behind Trump's appeal and the former president's legal team prepares to argue for democratic principles, the nation watches closely, understanding that the outcome could definitively shape the 2024 presidential race. Meanwhile, other political and global events continue to unfold, from Senate confirmations to geopolitical tensions, all against the backdrop of an ever-evolving American political theatre.

Conservative Bias:

Once again, the liberal activist judges have overstepped their bounds, folks, in a blatant attempt to sabotage the will of the people and the sanctity of our electoral process. The Colorado Supreme Court, packed with appointees from Democratic governors, has the audacity to bar President Trump from the state's 2024 Republican primary ballot. They're wielding the 14th Amendment like a political weapon, folks, a move that reeks of desperation and fear of Trump's continued influence. This is nothing short of election interference, a judicial coup against the voice of the conservative majority who want to see a true leader on that ballot. The left can't win in the arena of ideas, so they resort to these underhanded tactics to try to remove Trump from the race. But make no mistake, this will backfire, as it only fuels the fire of the silent majority who are sick and tired of these elitist games. The battle cry has been sounded, and it's time to rally behind President Trump as he fights this egregious overreach all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court!

Liberal Bias:

In a stunning victory for justice and democracy, the Colorado Supreme Court has courageously stood up to the authoritarian tendencies of the Trump regime by rightfully removing him from the 2024 Republican primary ballot. The justices, exhibiting the wisdom and foresight befitting their positions, invoked the clear mandate of the 14th Amendment to protect our nation from the insidious threat posed by a man who incited an insurrection against our very Capitol. The GOP's outcry against this decision is nothing but a smokescreen to distract from their complicity in enabling a would-be despot. The Republican leadership's spineless response, crying foul over "voter disenfranchis****t," is laughable at best when they've spent years actively suppressing the votes of millions. This ruling isn't interference; it's a safeguard, a necessary check on a party that has lost its moral compass, abandoned democratic principles, and now seeks to undermine the rule of law. It's high time for the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold this decision and reaffirm that no one, not even a former president, is above the law. The tide is turning, and the youth, who once held their noses to vote against Trump, are ready to mobilize for leaders who truly represent democratic values. The Colorado Supreme Court's decision is a beacon of hope, signaling the end of the line for Trump's dangerous political ambitions.

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