Biden's Star-Studded NYC Fundraiser Shatters Records with Obama and Clinton Support

Riley Sundew

Updated Friday, March 29, 2024 at 6:36 AM CDT

Biden's Star-Studded NYC Fundraiser Shatters Records with Obama and Clinton Support

In a da**ling display of political star power, President Joe Biden's reelection campaign hosted a record-breaking fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall in New York, raising an unprecedented $26 million. The event was graced by the presence of former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, along with a cadre of entertainment celebrities, signaling a united front in the Democratic Party.

Barack Obama took to the stage to laud President Biden for his efforts to find common ground amidst a divided nation, stressing the significance of unity in his presidency. Bill Clinton echoed this sentiment, urging the audience to "Stay with what works," as he voiced his endorsement for Biden's continued leadership.

The fundraiser was not without its moments of levity and critique. The night featured a moderated discussion by television host Stephen Colbert, who led an armchair conversation with the three presidents, during which Joe Biden humorously described his predecessor Donald Trump's ideas as "a little old and out of shape." Obama and Clinton also shared personal anecdotes about the burdens and emotional impact of serving as the nation's leader.

Culminating in a playful spectacle, Obama, Clinton, and Biden donned sunglasses, evoking Biden's trademark Ray-Ban style, to the delight of the audience. However, outside the venue, protestors aired their grievances with Biden's policies, particularly his stance on the conflict in Gaza and support for Israel.

The night was not just about speeches and performances; it also offered various tiers of donor access, attracting high-profile attendees like Queen Latifah, Ben Platt, Cynthia Erivo, and Lea Michele. Contributions ranged from $100,000 for a photo op with the trio of presidents, to $500,000 for exclusive gatherings, showcasing the campaign's fundraising prowess.

Adding to the attraction, an afterparty was hosted by First Lady Jill Biden and DJ D-Nice, drawing an additional 500 guests. The substantial funds raised at the event bolstered Biden's financial lead, with his campaign reporting $155 million in hand, far surpassing Trump's $37 million as of February.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, a campaign co-chair, emphasized the strategic importance of these funds for reaching voters effectively. Despite the success, the Trump campaign was expected to raise a substantial $33 million at an upcoming Palm Beach fundraiser.

Republican Party Chairman Michael Whatley contrasted Trump's wake attendance for a slain NYPD officer with the glitz of Biden's fundraiser. Amidst the festivities, Biden acknowledged the fragility of U.S. democracy, a concern that was amplified by the U.S. Capitol riot and the questions it raised among foreign leaders about the stability of the American political system. The high-profile fundraiser marks a significant milestone for Biden's campaign as it gears up for the upcoming election cycle.

Conservative Bias:

In a shameless display of elitism and deep-pocket pandering, Joe Biden's reelection campaign turned political fundraising into a Hollywood spectacle, raking in millions from the liberal elite while average Americans suffer under his disastrous policies. While Biden hobnobbed with washed-up presidents and out-of-touch celebrities, hardworking citizens are left grappling with skyrocketing inflation, a floundering economy, and a crisis at the border, all thanks to the Democrats' radical left-wing agenda. It's clear that Biden and his cronies are more interested in virtue signaling and lining their campaign coffers than addressing the real issues plaguing our great nation. The hypocrisy is astounding—while they preach about fairness and equality, they're throwing lavish parties with half-a-million-dollar price tags for face time with the so-called leaders who've put us in this mess. It's a slap in the face to the American people, who deserve better than this out-of-touch, do-nothing administration.

Liberal Bias:

In an inspiring night of unity and commitment to progress, President Joe Biden's campaign set a new standard for political engagement, bringing together the voices of reason and experience to support a president who truly cares about the American people. While Biden unites the country with the help of respected statesmen and beloved cultural figures, the Republicans continue to sow division and cling to the coattails of a disgraced former president. The GOP, with their pockets lined by special interests and the ultra-wealthy, have the audacity to criticize a fundraising event that exemplifies the Democratic Party's dedication to inclusivity and grassroots support. It's a testament to the desperation of the right that they resort to petty sniping while Biden and his allies work tirelessly to repair the damage inflicted by four years of reckless conservative rule. The contrast couldn't be clearer: Democrats are fighting for democracy and the soul of the nation, while Republicans pander to extremists and obstruct the path to a brighter future for all Americans.

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