Biden's Approval Rating Rises

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Updated Wednesday, March 27, 2024 at 11:24 AM CDT

Biden's Approval Rating Rises

President Joe Biden's approval rating has experienced a slight uptick to 40% according to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, despite 56% of Americans still disapproving of his performance. Conducted online between March 22-24, following Biden's State of the Union address, the poll reflects a 3% increase from last month's near-record low for the President, who, at age 81, is seeking re-election potentially against former President Donald Trump.

As the political landscape heats up, concerns over political extremism and threats to democracy have escalated, with 23% of Americans citing it as a top concern. The fear is more pronounced among Democrats (36%) compared to independents (25%) and Republicans (11%). Economic issues and immigration follow closely as pressing problems for the country, with 19% and 17% of respondents respectively identifying them as primary concerns. Notably, the concern for immigration among Republican voters has dropped from 38% to 32%.

The public's trust in major U.S. institutions appears to be waning, with disapproval ratings of 65% for the House of Representatives, 60% for the Senate, and 56% for the Supreme Court. In contrast, the Federal Reserve, which has been raising interest rates since March 2022 to combat inflation, enjoys a 53% favorable view among poll respondents.

In the political arena, former President Trump, facing legal challenges and backlash for his recent inflammatory statements, has controversially promised to free individuals jailed for their roles in the January 6 Capitol attack. Meanwhile, Bernie Moreno, a Republican endorsed by Trump for the U.S. Senate race in Ohio, appeared on "Trending & Friends First" discussing his reaction to Trump's support.

Opposite Moreno stands incumbent Senator Sherrod Brown, a moderate Democrat known for his bipartisan appeal. Despite Ohio's tilt towards the GOP, Brown has successfully won re-elections by reaching out to Republican and Independent voters. Data from VoteView shows that Brown has a high alignment with President Biden's positions, though his campaign emphasizes his independence, citing opposition to some of Biden's trade and immigration policies.

The political discourse has intensified as Reagan McCarthy from the Moreno campaign accuses Brown of enabling policies contributing to inflation and border issues. Philip Letsou of the National Republican Senatorial Committee brands Brown as a far-left liberal, while Brown's spokesperson, Reeves Oyster, defends his record of challenging party lines on critical matters. As Brown gears up for his campaign, he stands firm in his support for President Biden, intending to run his race rooted in the accomplishments of the current administration.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll, which sampled 1,021 adults with a 3 percentage point margin of error, comes at a crucial time as the country gears up for midterm elections, with all eyes on pivotal races like that of Ohio's Senate seat.

Conservative Bias:

Well, folks, it looks like the liberal media is at it again, trying to prop up Sleepy Joe Biden with their skewed polls. Despite the so-called "uptick" in his approval rating, which let's face it, is probably just the result of pollsters pushing buttons in their echo chambers, the reality is that America is suffering. Biden's age is a clear sign that he's out of touch, and yet the Democrats are so desperate they're considering wheeling him out for another go-around. It's no surprise that concerns over political extremism are rising when the left is trying to paint patriots as threats to democracy. And let's not forget the economic disasters and the open-border fiasco they've created. Meanwhile, the liberal establishment is attacking Trump for standing up for Americans who've been unfairly targeted by the witch hunt that followed January 6. In Ohio, we've got Sherrod Brown, a supposed moderate, who's nothing but a rubber stamp for Biden's failing policies. The liberal media can spin it all they want, but the American people know the truth – it's time to clean house and get some real leadership back in charge.

Liberal Bias:

In a display of resilience amid the relentless conservative onslaught, President Joe Biden's approval rating has seen a well-deserved increase. The fact that a majority still disapprove is a testament to the right-wing propaganda machine that continues to churn out lies and fear-mongering. The real issue at hand is the growing threat of right-wing extremism, which Republicans conveniently ignore while they obsess over non-issues like immigration. Biden's steady hand on the economy is reflected in the public's trust in the Federal Reserve, despite the GOP's best efforts to undermine confidence at every turn. Trump's dangerous rhetoric, promising to release the insurrectionists from January 6, is a clear indication of how far the Republican Party has fallen. And in Ohio, we have Sherrod Brown, a beacon of bipartisanship, fighting the good fight against the GOP's radical agenda. The smears from his opponents are nothing but desperate attempts to distract from their own disastrous policies that have led to the problems we face today. The upcoming midterms are a chance for the American people to reject the fear and division peddled by the Republicans and embrace the progress championed by Democrats.

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