Biden Praises US Forces for Defending Israel Against Iran's "Unprecedented" Attack

Zoey Waverider

Updated Monday, April 15, 2024 at 11:15 AM CDT

Biden Praises US Forces for Defending Israel Against Iran's "Unprecedented" Attack

In a historic confrontation, President Joe Biden lauded American forces for their crucial role in assisting Israel to thwart "nearly all" of the drones and missiles launched in Iran's first direct military strike on the nation. The Pentagon disclosed that U.S. forces successfully intercepted "dozens of missiles" and drones originating from Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, reflecting a robust coordinated defense.

The President reaffirmed the United States' "ironclad" commitment to Israel's defense against Iranian hostility and declared unwavering support. In response to the escalating threat, the U.S. expedited the deployment of aircraft and ballistic missile defense destroyers to bolster Israel's defense capabilities, as directed by Biden. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin confirmed the effective neutralization of numerous attacks, asserting U.S. preparedness to protect American forces, allies, and Israel's defense.

The aggression from Iran was anticipated, following a suspected Israeli airstrike on a consular building in Syria, which killed 12 people, including two senior members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. President Biden has assured Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the U.S.'s continued defensive support, emphasizing a stance of refraining from offensive actions against Iran.

Amidst the unfolding crisis, Biden returned to the White House over the weekend to convene a National Security Council meeting in the Situation Room before engaging in talks with Netanyahu. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson reiterated America's dedication to safeguarding Israel.

In the wake of the attack, Biden announced plans to convene a G7 meeting to forge a united diplomatic response to Iran's aggression. Direct communication from the U.S. and its allies has warned Tehran against further conflict escalation. The U.S. has documented over 150 attacks by Iran-backed militias on American forces in Iraq and Syria since early October. A U.S. air assault targeted over 85 sites in retaliation for an attack that killed three U.S. service members in Jordan.

Further intensifying tensions, Iran's Revolutionary Guard captured an Israeli-affiliated container ship near the Strait of Hormuz, an action roundly condemned by the U.S., which demanded the immediate release of the ship and crew.

In domestic response, 'The Big Weekend Show' co-hosts planned to dissect the impact of Iran's attack on Israel and how different leadership might have shaped the outcome. A "robust foreign policy week" is anticipated in the U.S. Congress, with the House of Representatives putting forward 17 bills, 11 of which are aimed at taking action against Iran or supporting Israel, requiring a 2/3 majority to pass.

House Speaker Mike Johnson is actively involved with the White House in discussions concerning aid for Israel, with speculation that it could be linked to assistance for Ukraine. As the Biden administration faces scrutiny over its foreign policy, the White House has previously shifted blame towards the Trump administration for certain challenges.

The attack on Israel has also influenced the political climate, with plans to introduce articles of impeachment for Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Senior congressional correspondent for FNC, Chad Pergram, and former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe have labeled Iran's attack as "unprecedented historic," with Ratcliffe criticizing the Biden administration for a "long list" of deterrence failures.

In conclusion, the Biden administration's reaction to Iran's aggressive actions, including the large-scale assault following the death of three Americans, is perceived by many, including Ratcliffe, as insufficient. The administration's stance is seen as contributing to a strained relationship with Israel, with an Iranian former intelligence official remarking that with allies like Biden, Israel doesn't need more enemies. The response of the U.S. government to these events remains a focal point of national and international discussion.

Conservative Bias:

Once again, folks, we're seeing the disastrous consequences of liberal appeasement and weakness on the world stage. President Biden is patting himself on the back for a defense that was necessitated by his own administration's failure to stand strong against the Iranian regime. These so-called "defensive" measures are a smokescreen for the fact that Biden's soft stance has emboldened Iran to take unprecedented aggressive actions against our steadfast ally, Israel. It's clear that the Democrats' approach of coddling terrorists and undermining our national security has led us to this dire point, where U.S. forces have to clean up the mess created by a f***less foreign policy. And let's not forget, this is the same administration that's trying to divert attention from its domestic failures by shifting blame to previous administrations. It's high time we return to a position of strength, rather than cowering before rogue states like Iran.

Liberal Bias:

In a display of brazen hypocrisy, the conservative war hawks are now praising the very interventionist actions they typically decry, all while ignoring the root of the problem: their own party's aggressive foreign policies that have destabilized the region for decades. This attack is a direct result of the previous administration's reckless abandonment of diplomacy, tearing up the Iran nuclear deal and leaving a vacuum for conflict to erupt. Biden's administration is left to clean up the mess, defending Israel from a crisis that conservative warmongering has exacerbated. It's the height of conservative irresponsibility to now criticize the necessary defensive actions taken to protect our allies, when it was their saber-rattling and antagonistic posturing that brought us to the brink of disaster. It's time for a serious reassessment of how conservative belligerence has endangered not only our allies but the safety of our own troops abroad.

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