The Surprising Enjoyment of Gym Class: A Mix of Fun and Frustration

Isla Davis

Updated Sunday, May 5, 2024 at 7:02 AM CDT

The Surprising Enjoyment of Gym Class: A Mix of Fun and Frustration

Finding Joy in Gym Class Despite Stereotypes

Gym class is often portrayed as torture in media, but for some people, it was the most enjoyable class in high school. Despite being uncoordinated and a closeted gay nerd, the er had fun in gym class and found it to be a great opportunity to goof off and talk with friends. Going outside on nice days was preferable to sitting at a desk inside, making gym class a more enjoyable experience.

Embracing Imperfection in Sports

Most kids were bad at sports, so there was no risk of embarrassing oneself by being bad too. It was more embarrassing to take the games too seriously than to be bad at them. Having a good teacher made any class, including gym class, more fun. The er had a different experience and found gym class to be a nightmare, describing it as a Lord of the Flies-style gauntlet of child angst and aggression. The er believes that gym class teaches harmful lessons such as allowing stronger kids to dominate and hunt weaker students.

The Need for Diverse Activities

The er believes that pitting students against each other in team sports or individual competition is harmful and unnecessary. Another er agrees that gym class focuses too much on athletics and not enough on other sports or activities. There was not enough time to become proficient at certain activities, such as high bar gymnastics, leading to unfair grading. The er suggests that gym class should be more diverse and offer a wider variety of sports and activities to cater to different interests and abilities.

Promoting Inclusivity and Humility

By offering a variety of sports, it allows everyone to excel in their own way and promotes humility among those who may have excelled in one sport but struggle in another. Another er agrees that gym class becomes progressively worse as students get older, citing a lack of structure and boredom in high school gym class. The enjoyment of gym class for this er is directly linked to how much dodgeball is played.

The Less Enjoyable Aspects

The required activities in gym class, such as walking/running and pull-ups, are seen as the less enjoyable aspects. Bundling gym and health class together led to halfhearted health lessons and awkward discussions about sex. One er had a negative experience in middle school gym class, with a teacher who did not address bullying and a challenging environment for kids with asthma. High school gym class was more relaxed, with a teacher who didn't care much and minimal physical activity required.

The Need for Balance

During a midterm, a student's phone went off, but the teacher simply asked them not to use their phones and ignored the incident. While gym class can be a mix of fun and frustration, it is important to find a balance that promotes inclusivity, diversity, and a positive learning environment for all students. By addressing the concerns raised by different individuals, gym class can become a more enjoyable and beneficial experience for everyone involved.

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