The Nightmare of Prolonging Life: A Society Obsessed with Quantity over Quality

Avery Emberly

Updated Thursday, April 18, 2024 at 10:03 AM CDT

The Nightmare of Prolonging Life: A Society Obsessed with Quantity over Quality

The Prevailing Mentality and Misery of Prolonged Existence

In today's society, there is a prevailing mentality to "keep them alive as long as humanly possible," often viewing death as the ultimate evil. Many individuals are willing to endure a miserable existence without hope of recovery, simply to prolong their life. However, this obsession with quantity over quality can lead to dire consequences.

The er, for instance, grew up being forced to visit their grandmother in a nursing home. Sadly, their grandmother had become a "veritable vegetable" due to a stroke. She no longer recognized anyone except the er's older sister and father. Witnessing her condition was a sad and unpleasant experience for all involved.

The er's grandmother's situation was not unique. Nursing homes are filled with individuals who are technically still alive but living in a nightmare. These individuals suffer from conditions such as dementia, incontinence, physical deterioration, and abandonment by their families. Society's focus on extending life without considering the quality of that life has resulted in this nightmare scenario.

Fear of death is often highest when our quality of life is at its best. This fear can erode our overall quality of life as it is exploited to enslave and oppress others. Paradoxically, a decreased quality of life can actually reduce our fear of death. When enough people no longer fear death, widespread violence can occur, leading to a natural boom and bust cycle in human experience.

It is worth noting that some individuals who are anti-abortion may only care about keeping the fetus alive without considering the repercussions of raising an unwanted life. This narrow focus neglects the psychological and societal problems that can arise from such circumstances.

Lives are needlessly prolonged because some family members, who are next of kin, insist on keeping their loved ones alive and miserable for selfish reasons. This perpetuates the cycle of misery and neglects the importance of considering the quality of life.

The focus on prolonging life without considering the quality of life has become a societal issue. Nursing homes, once intended to provide care and support, have become places where individuals exist in a nightmare, suffering from conditions like dementia and physical deterioration.

The er's grandmother's stroke left her unable to function, but her father kept her alive for two decades, prolonging her suffering. This example highlights how fear of death can impact our quality of life and lead to misguided decisions.

Society's obsession with prolonging life without considering the quality of life has created a nightmare scenario for many individuals. The fear of death, when exploited and unchecked, can erode our overall well-being and lead to violence. It is crucial to value the quality of life over mere existence, and to consider the repercussions of prolonging life without considering the individual's happiness and dignity.

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