The Meaning Behind the Abbreviations on a Military Plaque

Ella White

Updated Sunday, May 5, 2024 at 1:07 PM CDT

The Meaning Behind the Abbreviations on a Military Plaque

Unraveling the Significance of BSM, DR, MSM, and 4 OLC ARCOM

When visiting the interred site of the er's father, one cannot help but notice the plaque adorned with various abbreviations. Among them are BSM, DR, MSM, and 4 OLC ARCOM. Each abbreviation holds a unique meaning and represents an honorable achievement in the er's father's military career.

The first abbreviation, BSM, stands for Bronze Star Medal. This prestigious award is given to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional bravery and valor in combat service. It serves as a testament to the er's father's courage and dedication during his time in the military.

While the meaning of DR remains unknown, its placement after the Bronze Star Medal suggests that it holds significance. Further research or reaching out to the appropriate channels, such as the VA, may provide more information about this mysterious abbreviation.

MSM, on the other hand, stands for Meritorious Service Medal. This award is typically given to individuals who have displayed exceptional meritorious achievement or service, often bestowed upon retirement. It signifies the er's father's outstanding contributions throughout his military career, highlighting his commitment and dedication to his duty.

ARCOM, which stands for Army Commendation Medal, is another noteworthy abbreviation on the plaque. The inclusion of 4 OLC (Oak Leaf Cluster) indicates that the er's father was awarded this medal five times. The Army Commendation Medal is often given for high marks in unit inspections and other commendable achievements, further exemplifying the er's father's exceptional performance and commitment to excellence.

While the exact meaning of DR remains a mystery, it is suggested that the VA or other relevant authorities may provide more information. The er is encouraged to reach out to the local VA office or the National Cemetery Administration for assistance in unraveling this enigma.

To gain a deeper understanding of the er's father's military career, it is advisable to request a copy of his DD214 from the VA. This document should list all the awards spelled out, providing a comprehensive record of his achievements and contributions.

The presence of these awards on the plaque speaks volumes about the er's father's dedication, bravery, and commitment to serving his country. Each abbreviation represents a significant milestone in his military journey, showcasing his remarkable achievements and the impact he made during his time in service.

The abbreviations BSM, DR, MSM, and 4 OLC ARCOM on the interred site plaque hold great meaning and honor the er's father's exceptional military career. While some abbreviations remain unexplained, reaching out to the appropriate authorities and conducting further research can shed light on their significance. The er's father's awards serve as a testament to his bravery, dedication, and the lasting impact he made as a hero in the armed forces.

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