Surviving a Six-Hour Encounter with a Male Silverback Gorilla: Tips and Strategies

Oliver Brown

Updated Wednesday, May 1, 2024 at 2:22 PM CDT

Surviving a Six-Hour Encounter with a Male Silverback Gorilla: Tips and Strategies

Understanding Gorilla Behavior

Gorillas, while not inherently violent murderers, possess immense physical strength and sharp teeth that can cause severe harm to humans. To survive being locked in a room with a male silverback gorilla for six hours, it is crucial to avoid challenging the gorilla in any way. Understanding gorilla behavior and adopting submissive actions can significantly increase your chances of survival.

Behaviors to Avoid

When facing a gorilla, it is essential to avoid behaviors that may be perceived as challenging or threatening. Looking the gorilla directly in the eyes, showing teeth, smiling, making sudden movements, or making loud noises can trigger the gorilla's aggression. Instead, sit quietly and keep your head bowed to convey submissiveness and non-threatening behavior.

Age and Aggression

It is important to note that adolescent male gorillas can be more unpredictable and aggressive compared to adult gorillas. Adult gorillas, on the other hand, are generally calmer and less likely to attack unless provoked. Gorillas are intelligent and curious creatures, and if they do not perceive you as a threat, they may investigate you out of curiosity.

Avoid Provocation

To ensure your safety, it is crucial to avoid making sudden or threatening moves that could trigger the gorilla's aggression. Remember that gorillas respond to challenges with physical action, and their strength can easily cause fatal injuries to humans. Provoking a gorilla can result in a quick and deadly attack.

Coexistence and Survival

While the focus is on surviving the encounter rather than attempting to overpower or escape from the gorilla, it is worth mentioning that gorillas are not the primary concern in terms of survival. Chimpanzees, for instance, are known to be more dangerous than gorillas. In a nature documentary, a man studying gorillas lived in close proximity to them without being attacked by simply keeping out of their way and maintaining a submissive posture.

Key to Survival

The key to survival in such a situation is maintaining a submissive posture and avoiding behaviors that could be interpreted as challenging or threatening. By respecting the gorilla's dominance and behaving submissively, you can significantly reduce the risk of being attacked.

Surviving a six-hour encounter with a male silverback gorilla requires a deep understanding of their behavior and the ability to convey submissiveness. By avoiding challenging behaviors, keeping a submissive posture, and respecting the gorilla's dominance, you can increase your chances of safely coexisting with these majestic creatures. Remember, your safety lies in maintaining a submissive demeanor throughout the encounter.

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