Surprising Companies That Have Yet to Go Out of Business

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Monday, October 16, 2023 at 10:45 PM CDT

Surprising Companies That Have Yet to Go Out of Business

The Decline of KFC's Quality

KFC, also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a fast-food chain that has been around for decades. However, in recent years, many customers have noticed a decline in the quality of their food. Reddit user bigpoppa973 expressed their shock at how KFC has managed to stay in business despite this issue. They mentioned that the lowered quality has made it difficult for them to enjoy a meal at the restaurant.

Commenting on their own post, bigpoppa973 shared their admiration for Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC. They even have a tattoo of him, highlighting their fandom. They mentioned that Colonel Sanders faced numerous failures before becoming a household name. This insight adds an interesting perspective to the discussion, showcasing the resilience and determination of the man behind the brand.

It's worth noting that bigpoppa973 found it fascinating that the decline in KFC's quality seems to be more prevalent in the United States. This observation prompted them to consider traveling to other countries to see if the same issue exists elsewhere. They even jokingly suggested starting a travel fund, showing their enthusiasm for exploring different KFC locations.

Macy's - A Ghost Town Shopping Experience

Another surprising company that has managed to stay afloat is Macy's. Reddit user Soup_and_Rice shared their shock at the state of the popular department store. Despite being one of their favorite places to shop, Soup_and_Rice expressed their disappointment in the lack of employees and the disorganized nature of the store.

According to Soup_and_Rice, it is not uncommon to see only a handful of employees on an entire floor. This lack of staff makes it difficult for customers to find assistance or get their questions answered. Additionally, the products are often disorganized, making it challenging to locate specific items. The fitting rooms are also poorly maintained, with clothes left strewn on the floor and no monitoring of the number of items brought in or taken out.

Soup_and_Rice's description of Macy's as a "ghost town" highlights the decline in customer experience at the store. This comment sheds light on the challenges that brick-and-mortar retailers face in the age of online shopping. Despite these issues, Macy's continues to operate, surprising many who have witnessed the decline firsthand.

Both KFC and Macy's are companies that have managed to stay in business despite significant challenges. The decline in quality at KFC and the lackluster shopping experience at Macy's have left many Reddit users shocked. However, these companies continue to operate, showcasing their ability to adapt and survive in a competitive market.

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