Is a $100k Income Enough for the American Dream?

Ella White

Updated Friday, April 19, 2024 at 8:33 AM CDT

Is a $100k Income Enough for the American Dream?

The Reality of Living on a $100k Income

Living the American Dream has long been associated with financial success and the ability to afford a comfortable lifestyle. However, there is a growing debate surrounding the notion that a $100k income is no longer sufficient to achieve this dream. While some dismiss this claim as clickbait, many individuals are sharing their personal experiences that shed light on the challenges of making ends meet on such an income.

One Reddit user, who resides in a major city with a family of five, explains that they carefully manage their finances to make their $100k income work. They prioritize essential expenses like housing and education, while cutting back on non-essential items such as newer cars and expensive daycare. This demonstrates the need for frugality and strategic budgeting to maintain a decent standard of living.

For this individual, the American Dream includes the privilege and sacrifice of having a spouse stay at home until the children are in school. This decision not only reduces daycare costs but also aligns with their values of providing a nurturing environment for their children. It is a reminder that the American Dream is not solely defined by material possessions, but also by the ability to prioritize family and personal values.

Another aspect highlighted by this user is the longevity of their possessions. Their computers and phones are all at least five years old, which they consider to be normal. This challenges the notion that constant upgrades and the latest gadgets are essential for a fulfilling life. Instead, they focus on the longevity and functionality of their belongings, embracing a more sustainable approach.

The user also points out that their home is not a picture-perfect representation of the American Dream. Their kitchen may not be new, and their floors may need replacing, but they see this as a common situation for their generation, similar to that of their parents. It emphasizes the importance of shifting perspectives and redefining what constitutes success and fulfillment.

While the challenges of housing affordability are acknowledged, the user believes that the American Dream is not solely dependent on owning a big house in the suburbs. This sentiment is shared by another Reddit user, who suggests that the American Dream should be defined by personal goals and aspirations rather than material possessions. They argue that the dream should focus on creating a secure and fulfilling life for oneself and future generations.

One older user reflects on their own journey, having achieved the American Dream twice but also experiencing its loss once before. Their current dream is to ensure that their children do not have to endure the same struggles they faced. This highlights the intergenerational aspect of the American Dream and the desire for progress and upward mobility.

To address the challenges faced by individuals striving for the American Dream, some propose government intervention in the housing market. They argue that regulation is necessary to prevent exorbitant prices that hinder accessibility. Additionally, there is a call for job wages to match inflation, ensuring that individuals are adequately compensated for their work. These changes are seen as crucial for the future well-being of the country.

Ultimately, the discussion on the American Dream prompts a reflection on the importance of active participation in the political process. Rather than treating politics as a mere spectator sport, individuals are encouraged to vote in their own interests. By doing so, they can influence policies that shape the economic landscape and create a more equitable society, where the American Dream is attainable for all.

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