Hygiene Concerns: How to Address Sweating Nanny Without Offending Her

Oliver Brown

Updated Saturday, January 20, 2024 at 7:05 AM CDT

Hygiene Concerns: How to Address Sweating Nanny Without Offending Her

The Challenge of a Sweaty Nanny

Having recently hired a nanny in her 20s for their 3-month-old baby, a couple finds themselves facing an unexpected challenge: their nanny arrives at their house sweaty after her hour-long walk. While the nanny's dedication to taking the baby out for walks and classes is commendable, the couple is concerned about the hygiene implications for their child. In this article, we will explore different approaches to address this issue while maintaining a positive relationship with the nanny.

The Sweaty Dilemma

The nanny's daily walks to the couple's house leave her sweaty and with damp clothes, which in turn affects the baby's comfort and cleanliness. Additionally, the play mat and surrounding areas become wet, potentially posing a hygiene risk. The occasional body odor further compounds the issue, making it imperative for the couple to find a solution.

The Shower Proposal

One possible solution the couple is considering is offering the nanny the use of their shower. By providing towels and deodorant, they hope to make the suggestion less offensive and more practical. However, they are aware that some individuals may not feel comfortable showering at their employer's home.

The "S* Sandwich" Approach

Another approach the couple could take is using the "s*** sandwich" technique. This method involves sandwiching the feedback between positive comments. By expressing their appreciation for the nanny's dedication and the bond she has developed with the baby, the couple can then address their concerns about hygiene. Following this, they can reiterate their appreciation and support for the nanny's work.

Empowering the Nanny

To avoid being overly directive, the couple should let the nanny choose how she wants to address the issue. They can express their discomfort with the nanny being sweaty and holding the baby, emphasizing the importance of hygiene in childcare. By presenting different options, such as using their shower, finding alternative ways to arrive less sweaty, or even considering other employment arrangements, the couple allows the nanny to make an informed decision based on her comfort level.

A Less Personal Approach

If the couple feels that offering the use of their shower may be too personal, they could suggest that the nanny change her clothes before starting her day. This approach may address the hygiene concerns without delving into the more personal aspect of showering at their home.

Respecting Privacy Concerns

It is crucial for the couple to be mindful of the nanny's privacy concerns. Some nannies may be hesitant to shower at their employer's home due to worries about privacy and the possibility of being recorded. To alleviate these concerns, the couple should assure the nanny that her privacy will be respected and that no recording devices are present in the bathroom.

Weighing the Options

The couple should consider the nanny's response and willingness to address the issue. If the nanny is open to finding a solution, they can work together to implement the chosen approach. However, if the nanny feels uncomfortable with any of the proposed options, it may be necessary to reassess the employment arrangement.

A Final Note

addressing the issue of a sweaty nanny without offending her requires open communication, respect, and consideration for her feelings. By expressing their concerns about hygiene while emphasizing their appreciation for her work, the couple can offer different solutions and empower the nanny to make the decision that best suits her comfort level. Ultimately, the couple's goal is to maintain a positive relationship with the nanny while ensuring the well-being and cleanliness of their baby.

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