How to Handle a Stranger Asking for Help in a Potentially Dangerous Situation

Grayson Larkspur

Updated Thursday, January 4, 2024 at 10:53 AM CDT

How to Handle a Stranger Asking for Help in a Potentially Dangerous Situation

Prioritizing Safety and Taking Caution

In a recent Reddit post, a user shared a scenario where a girl approached a man and asked him to pretend they were friends because she was being followed. While many users expressed a willingness to help, they also highlighted the need for caution in such situations.

When faced with a similar situation, the first and foremost priority should be the girl's safety. It is important to assess the potential risks and take appropriate measures to ensure her well-being.

One suggestion made by a user was to make the girl's safety someone else's responsibility. By doing so, the person helping can remove themselves from the situation and avoid any potential scams or danger.

A user shared an example of how they would handle the situation if it occurred near a busy street. They would pretend to be angry with the girl for being late and direct her towards a crowded place where they can seek assistance. This approach not only helps the girl find safety but also maintains a level of discretion.

Seeking Help and Leaving the Situation

Another suggestion offered by a user was to go with the girl to an employee or authority figure who can help her out with a phone or other means of communication. This ensures that she has a way to contact someone for further assistance.

Once the girl is with an employee or authority figure, it is important for the person helping to leave the situation. This ensures that the girl can receive the necessary support without feeling indebted or obligated to the person who initially helped her.

Personal Experiences and Unexpected Outcomes

In response to the Reddit post, another user shared a personal experience of a similar situation happening to them at a carnival in the late 80s. In their case, the girl approached them and asked them to pretend to be her boyfriend because an older man was creeping on her and following her around.

The user decided to comply with the girl's request and put their arm around her shoulder. Surprisingly, pretending to be her boyfriend led to an unexpected outcome - the user and the girl ended up dating for a few years.

These personal experiences and suggestions shared by Reddit users highlight the importance of prioritizing safety, taking caution, and seeking appropriate help in potentially dangerous situations. By remaining vigilant and offering assistance in a responsible manner, we can contribute to creating a safer environment for everyone.

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