Helmet Durability Test: Which Helmet Can Stop an Arrow?

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Thursday, July 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Curiosity piqued, many wonder about the resilience of helmets when faced with unexpected challenges. In a fascinating experiment, various helmets were put to the ultimate test: could they withstand the force of a 70lb bow? This engaging video explores the durability of three different helmets - a football helmet, a motorcycle helmet, and a Vietnam War helmet - under the intense pressure of a bowshot.

First up, the football helmet. The arrow was shot directly at the front and astonishingly pierced right through the dome. This test revealed that, despite the protective design of football helmets, they are not equipped to handle such extreme impacts.

Next, the motorcycle helmet faced the challenge. Impressively, the arrow did not p******** through; it was stopped right at the surface. While the wearer might experience a severe headache, this helmet proved its superior protective capabilities compared to the football helmet.

Finally, the Vietnam War helmet was put to the test. The arrow hit the helmet, denting it in the center and ricocheting off, even sparking upon impact. This outcome highlighted the robust design of the Vietnam War helmet, showcasing its ability to deflect high-impact strikes.

This eye-opening test demonstrates the varying levels of protection offered by different types of helmets. For those intrigued by the resilience of protective gear and the surprising results of this experiment, the full video offers a captivating watch.

Watch the video to see the complete helmet durability test and discover which helmet truly offers the best protection.

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