Discover the Top 10 Must-Buy Items at Costco for July 2024

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Thursday, July 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Attention, Costco shoppers! July 2024 brings a fresh wave of exclusive deals and must-have items at Costco, and The Deal Guy has compiled a list of the top 10 things you should be buying right now. Whether shopping for your home, kitchen, or travel needs, these incredible finds will make your Costco trip worthwhile.

1. **Gomme Air Fryer**: The beloved Gomme air fryer has received a significant upgrade. The new eight-quart version with a viewing window is available for an unbeatable $50. For those who prefer the classic model, the older seven-quart version is now just $35.

2. **Meso 11-Piece Storage Basket Set**: Organize every corner of your home with this versatile storage basket set. Perfect for the kitchen, pantry, office, or bathroom, this set is priced at just $10.

3. **Anchor 3-in-1 Charging Station**: Ideal for travelers, this compact charging station allows you to simultaneously charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. Priced at $80, it comes with an 18-month warranty.

4. **Three-Piece Kitchen Drawer Organizer Set**: Keep your kitchen or bathroom drawers tidy with this organizer set, available for $30. It offers three different compartment options to suit your needs.

5. **14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker**: Wake up to a fresh pot of coffee every morning with this new programmable coffee maker. For $50, it features a built-in timer and a self-cleaning mode.

6. **Panasonic 1.3 Cubic Foot Microwave**: On sale for $120 until July 21st, this large microwave boasts an easy-clean coated interior and a reversible door, making it a practical addition to any kitchen.

7. **Madea 4.5 Cubic Foot Fridge**: Perfect for college dorms, this fridge offers a veggie crisper and built-in shelving. Priced at $150, it's a fantastic deal for students.

8. **Cuisinart Two-Slice Toaster**: This compact toaster, available for $30, is a smaller version of the popular four-slice model. It features easy access presets and won't take up much counter space.

9. **16-Piece Dinnerware Set**: Upgrade your dining experience with this colorful dinnerware set. For $40, these dishwasher and microwave-safe dishes will add a touch of elegance to any meal.

10. **Travel Essentials**: Prepare for your next adventure with travel-ready items like the Anchor 3-in-1 charging station, ensuring you stay connected while on the go.

Don't miss out on these amazing deals at Costco this July 2024. For a closer look at these products and more incredible Costco tips and hacks, watch The Deal Guy's latest video. Happy shopping!

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