Eminem Teams Up with Big Sean & BabyTron in Electrifying New Track 'Tobey'

Grayson Larkspur

Updated Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Lyrical Lemonade has unveiled an explosive collaboration featuring Eminem's new hit, "Tobey," with Big Sean and BabyTron. This official music video, directed by the talented Cole Bennett, takes viewers on a visually stunning journey, showcasing the lyrical prowess of these renowned artists.

The song, produced by marvy ayy, John Nocito, Daniyel, Carlton McDowell, Cole Bennett, and Eminem himself, brings a fresh sound that is both captivating and innovative. Eminem's verses reference Tobey Maguire, drawing a clever parallel between the actor's iconic Spider-Man role and his own legendary status in the rap game.

Executive producers Paul Rosenberg & Cole Bennett, along with Krista Worby, have ensured a top-notch production quality. With Franklin Ricart as the Director of Photography and Sean Genrich as the Production Designer, the video is a visual feast.

Editors Ian Lipton and Greyson Sawyer have masterfully cut the footage, while Josh Bohoskey’s color grading adds a vibrant intensity to each scene. The sound effects by Jofis enhance the overall experience, making it an auditory delight.

The video also features impressive VFX and 3D work by Frender, with Max Colt and Ryan Dylan Selkirk supervising the effects. Sequences like the intro, baseball, and mouth 3D were crafted by Aid6n, under the supervision of Oleksandr Yaholnyk. Rostyslav Pashchenko & Anton Bielik led the compositing team, with artists Sergey Evstratov, Anna Pashchenko, and Anton Pavliukov contributing to the seamless integration of effects.

Eminem's lyrics are both thought-provoking and witty, as he raps about ambition, resilience, and his place in the rap hierarchy. Big Sean and BabyTron complement his style perfectly, adding their unique flavors to the track.

Don't miss this groundbreaking video that pushes the boundaries of creativity and hip-hop. Watch "Tobey" by Eminem featuring Big Sean & BabyTron now on Lyrical Lemonade's YouTube channel for an unforgettable experience.

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