Sneaking into Pacific Park: Salish and Payton's Overnight Adventure

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Tuesday, July 9, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In an exhilarating escapade, Salish Matter and her friend Payton Delu take on the challenge of hiding from security all night at Pacific Park on Santa Monica Pier. This daring adventure unfolds as the duo attempts to sneak onto every ride in an empty amusement park, testing their stealth and courage.

The excitement begins with Salish and Payton having just 15 minutes to find a hiding spot before the park closes for the night. As the clock ticks, they scramble to evade the vigilant eyes of the security guard. Their initial attempts to hide in a popcorn stand and a photo booth are thwarted, leading to some tense and comical moments.

Armed with full permission to stay in the park overnight, Salish and Payton must navigate through the challenges of staying hidden while the security guard, unaware of their presence, patrols the grounds. Their creativity and quick thinking are put to the test as they dodge detection and explore the empty amusement park.

Will they get away with their overnight adventure or will they be discovered? Catch all the thrilling moments and see how the night unfolds for Salish and Payton in their epic hide-and-seek game at Pacific Park. Watch the full video to join in on the fun and suspense!

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