MrBeast's Prank Arrest: Guess the Crime and Win Cash!

Riley Sundew

Updated Monday, July 8, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a riveting and amusing new video, viewers are invited to guess which celebrity has been arrested to win cash prizes. The YouTube video titled "Guess The Arrest = Win Cash!" features renowned internet personality MrBeast in a crazy prank scenario.

The video kicks off with the host challenging participants to identify the arrested celebrity between MrBeast and Spider-Man star Tom Holland. Jonah, an enthusiastic contestant from Australia, confidently guesses MrBeast. His correct answer propels him into a series of increasingly challenging questions for a chance to win even more cash.

For the double-or-nothing round, Jonah is asked if MrBeast was arrested for tax evasion or an outstanding warrant. Jonah correctly opts for the outstanding warrant and eagerly moves to the triple-or-nothing question. Unfortunately, his luck runs out when he incorrectly guesses that MrBeast was arrested for resisting arrest instead of communicating threats.

Despite not winning the top prize, Jonah's evident support and following of the host's channel earn him a monetary reward, making his vacation even more memorable.

This entertaining video, hosted by Law By Mike, not only showcases the playful side of MrBeast but also provides a fun and engaging way for viewers to learn about legal scenarios. Watch the full video to see all the laughs and surprises unfold!

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