Clyde Drexler: The Most Athletic Teammate in NBA History 🚀

Harper Quill

Updated Sunday, July 7, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Clyde Drexler, an iconic name in the basketball world, has left an indelible mark on the NBA. Known for his athleticism and smooth gameplay, Drexler is often considered one of the most athletic teammates ever. In fact, many recall how he would arrive at practice and immediately start playing at full speed, skipping the usual warm-ups and stretches.

Drexler's finger rolls were legendary, rivaling even the great George Gervin's. His ability to glide through the air and finish with a finesse that left spectators in awe was truly something to behold. Despite being overshadowed by the likes of Michael Jordan, Drexler's skills and contributions to the game should not be dismissed.

One of the most distinctive aspects of Drexler’s game was his jump shot, characterized by a unique double-leg kick. This move, though unconventional, was incredibly effective and added to his smooth, almost effortless style of play.

For those who want to relive some of Drexler’s most memorable moments and witness his unparalleled athleticism, check out the video. It’s a testament to why he’s considered one of the smartest and most athletic players to ever grace the court.

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