IShowSpeed Faces Off Against a 10-Year-Old Pro in a Thrilling Go-Kart Race in Germany

Mia Nightshade

Updated Saturday, July 6, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In an electrifying showdown at a go-kart track in Germany, popular YouTube personality IShowSpeed took on a prodigious 10-year-old racer. The video, titled "Speed challenged a 10 year-old pro at a go kart track in Germany 🇩🇪🏁", captures the nail-biting race and showcases the young racer's impressive skills.

From the outset, the video dives right into the action. The young racer, confident and eager, responds to IShowSpeed's challenge with a bold statement: "You ever drove a F1 core? No, I'm about to. I'm 10." This sets the tone for an intense competition.

As the race progresses, IShowSpeed is visibly impressed and a bit bewildered by the young racer's prowess. "He looks very professional over there," Speed comments, perhaps realizing he has underestimated his opponent. The tension escalates as Speed finds himself trailing behind. "You're losing pal, you're losing," he notes, acknowledging the gap between them.

The young racer, showing no signs of slowing down, surprises Speed with his agility and speed. "What boost? Where'd he come from? Oh, where did this kid just come from, bro? I'm first. Wait, oh this is it right here," Speed exclaims, highlighting the unexpected turns of the race.

The final results are quite telling. Despite Speed's efforts, the young racer completes eight laps in the time it takes Speed to finish just five. "It doesn't tell you how much laps that I did. You did five and he did eight in the same time," Speed admits, clearly taken aback by the young racer's performance.

Adding a humorous twist, Speed jokingly accuses the young racer of using unconventional methods. "He using dynamite in his go-kart? What's this? More weight, more weight needs weight to be slow," Speed quips, bringing a light-hearted end to an intense race.

Witness the thrilling race and find out how a 10-year-old pro left IShowSpeed in awe. Watch the full video now to experience the exciting showdown firsthand!

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