Hurricane Beryl Devastates Jamaica: Winds, Floods, and Rising Death Toll

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Friday, July 5, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Hurricane Beryl has unleashed its fury on Jamaica, bringing destructive winds and torrential rains that have severely impacted the Caribbean island. The powerful category four storm, with winds reaching up to 150 mph, has wreaked havoc on Jamaica's southern coast, causing significant damage to buildings and infrastructure.

The storm's devastating force has led to the evacuation of nearly 500 residents from flood-prone areas. Social media is flooded with images showing streets transformed into rivers and roofs torn off by the relentless wind. As the storm barreled through the Caribbean, it has claimed at least ten lives, with the death toll expected to rise.

Jamaica's government has been proactive, issuing warnings about the storm's potential for catastrophic damage. Prime Minister Andrew Holness urged residents in low-lying and flood-prone areas to evacuate to safer locations. Despite their efforts, the capital city of Kingston experienced immediate flooding, affecting numerous homes and businesses.

Hurricane Beryl's impact has not been limited to Jamaica. In Kaku, off the coast of Grenada, entire communities have been left homeless due to the storm's destructive path. Buildings have been either destroyed or rendered uninhabitable, showcasing the severe aftermath that Beryl leaves behind.

As Beryl moves towards Mexico, tourists in Cancun are scrambling to leave the resort town before the storm's expected landfall on Thursday night. The hurricane has now been downgraded to a category three but still poses significant threats to the regions in its path.

For a closer look at Hurricane Beryl's impact on Jamaica and the Caribbean, watch the detailed report by BBC News. The visuals and firsthand accounts provide a stark reminder of nature's formidable power.

Discover more about the storm's progression and the measures in place to protect affected communities in the full video report by BBC News.

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