Jason Kelce's Wild Offseason: From Beer Bowl Madness to Taylor Swift Surprises

Harper Quill

Updated Thursday, July 4, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

The Season 2 finale of "New Heights," sponsored by Crown Royal, delivers an action-packed episode featuring Jason and Travis Kelce. As the offseason unfolds, the Kelce brothers dive into their latest escapades and future plans, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their return.

Jason Kelce kicks off the episode with a recap of his recent EAF fundraising event. The highlight? His survival story of the second annual Beer Bowl, an event filled with unforgettable moments and celebrity appearances. Amid the chaos, Jason reveals the unexpected reason why his wife, Kylie, bailed on the event, adding an element of intrigue to the listener’s curiosity.

Meanwhile, Travis Kelce shares his exhilarating experience performing on stage at Wembley. The standout moment? Ensuring he adhered to the golden rule: Do not drop Taylor Swift. Travis humorously recounts the pressure of not fumbling while sharing the stage with the pop icon and how he navigated his overseas adventure.

The episode takes a light-hearted turn as the brothers react to some wild "Kelce" themed tattoos sent in by fans. From intricate designs to outrageous placements, the tattoos showcase the dedication of the 92%ers, the loyal fan base of "New Heights."

As the Fourth of July approaches, Jason and Travis reflect on their plans and raise a glass to another deserving 92%er, celebrating the community that's formed around their podcast. The brothers also unbox some wild fan mail, providing laughs and surprises that keep the energy high.

With Season 3 on the horizon, "New Heights" promises to return stronger than ever to kick off the 2024 NFL Season. For now, fans can relish in the offseason antics of the Kelce brothers and catch every detail of their adventures in the latest episode.

To witness all the fun and excitement firsthand, watch the full episode of "New Heights" on YouTube.

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