Cleetus and ProLine Racing: The Mullet Engine Controversy Explained

Grayson Larkspur

Updated Thursday, July 4, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

The automotive community has been buzzing with the recent developments surrounding Cleetus and the ProLine Racing Mullet Engine. In an exclusive update, Steve Morris of Steve Morris Engines dives deep into the intricacies of the Mullet Engine and addresses the issues that have surfaced.

The video kicks off with Steve Morris expressing his disappointment over the problems encountered with the Mullet Engine. He assures viewers that no one is more disheartened than he is about the situation. Steve then delves into the technical aspects, highlighting the extensive work done on the engine.

From welding sleeves to coating pistons by Line to Line, every detail has been meticulously handled. The engine now boasts two new pistons, a fresh set of rods, and a comprehensive clearance check. TJ, a key member of the team, plays a crucial role in ensuring everything fits perfectly with the new modifications.

Steve provides an insightful look at the upgraded components, particularly the pro modified top alcohol rod, often referred to as the 3500 Rod. This rod has proven its durability by lasting through three consecutive drag and drive events, with the OG big block engine clocking impressive times of 640s and possibly even 630s.

Despite the challenges, including broken rods, the crankshaft remained unharmed. The team meticulously checks rod bearing clearance, main bearing clearance, journal sizes, and bore sizes to ensure everything aligns perfectly. The original pistons have also been sent back for Line to Line coating, adding another layer of reliability to the setup.

For those keen on witnessing the detailed breakdown and seeing the team's dedication in action, watch the full video on Steve Morris Engines' YouTube channel. The video not only sheds light on the technical aspects but also showcases the relentless effort put into perfecting the Mullet Engine.

Don't miss out on this in-depth look at the Mullet Engine saga. Dive into the video and gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and solutions in high-performance engine building.

Explore more about the Mullet Engine and join the conversation. Watch the full video on Steve Morris Engines' YouTube channel.

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