Maxx Crosby Reveals the Wild Ride with Antonio Brown on the Raiders

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Wednesday, July 3, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recent interview with Bussin With The Boys, NFL player Maxx Crosby opened up about his unforgettable experience with Antonio Brown during their time together on the Raiders. The conversation unveiled an astonishing series of events that left fans and teammates bewildered.

Maxx Crosby began by sharing that if Antonio Brown, also known as AB, were present without any cameras around, everyone would genuinely enjoy his company. However, once AB left the premises, unpredictability ensued. Crosby described a daily whirlwind where one could never anticipate AB's next move. Despite being cool with each other, AB's erratic behavior would surface online, creating a chaotic atmosphere.

One of the key incidents Crosby highlighted was AB's absence from practice due to disagreements over his helmet. AB's unique approach extended to bringing his entourage and personal trainers to the weight room, further distancing himself from the team. The situation escalated when AB leaked a private phone call with coach Jon Gruden on Instagram, shortly after addressing the team and apologizing.

Crosby recounted how the team initially believed AB was committed to playing after his heartfelt apology. The optimism was short-lived as AB posted the conversation with Gruden that very night, leading to his release by the next morning. Both the management and the coaching staff, including General Manager Mike Mayock and Coach Jon Gruden, had high hopes for AB, but his unpredictable actions ultimately led to his departure.

Maxx Crosby's candid reflections provide a unique glimpse into the tumultuous period with Antonio Brown on the Raiders. For those intrigued by this extraordinary tale, watch the full interview on Bussin With The Boys.

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