Manyu Spa Day: Adorable Shiba Inu's ASMR Adventure

Riley Sundew

Updated Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Experience the cuteness overload with Manyu, the charming Shiba Inu, in a delightful spa day video that has captivated TikTok. The video, created by 是曼玉不是鳗鱼, showcases Manyu enjoying a pampering session that's both relaxing and entertaining. This ASMR journey is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.

In this adorable clip, the spa day starts with 5 tablespoons of an intriguing ingredient called EZ Real Mug. The precise measurements continue, with 8 and then 9 tablespoons being used, showcasing the meticulous care taken for Manyu's special day. The process involves using a rolling pin to crush the mixture, ensuring the perfect consistency.

The video takes a fun twist with a mention of getting "naked," followed by 16 tablespoons of chocolate being prepared. This moment adds a playful element to the spa experience, making it as enjoyable to watch as it is for Manyu to experience. The preparation also includes 90 grams of chocolate and a brief appearance by Kurt Angler, adding to the video's unique charm.

The intricate process of mixing the ingredients is highlighted, demonstrating the effort put into creating a perfect spa treatment for Manyu. Despite the challenges of mixing, the result is a smooth and soothing application that doesn't irritate the skin. The video emphasizes that no milk is needed, making it a straightforward yet effective spa treatment.

As the spa day progresses, viewers are treated to a visual feast of Manyu enjoying the pampering session. The final touch involves slicing the mixture into a cup with sugar and milk, although there's a humorous admission of possibly adding too much.

This enchanting video of Manyu's spa day is a must-watch for dog lovers and ASMR enthusiasts alike. Dive into the soothing and adorable world of Manyu by watching the full video.

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