Inside Rebecca Hessel Cohen's Stunning New York Home: A Hidden Gem in the West Village

Riley Sundew

Updated Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Step inside the captivating world of Rebecca Hessel Cohen, who opens the doors to her exquisite New York home in a recent video by Caleb Simpson. Rather than renting, Rebecca owns this breathtaking residence, which masterfully blends the charm of the West Village with a touch of European elegance.

Upon entering, one is immediately struck by the serene ambiance. Rebecca reveals that this house is her peaceful escape, a sanctuary meticulously crafted over six years. The first feature to catch the eye is the magnificent molding and the 156 antique wall sconces that adorn the living room, transforming it into Rebecca's happy place.

The home, originally a carriage house, has been transformed into a luxurious haven. Rebecca shares that this unique structure once housed horses, a fascinating tidbit that adds to the home's historic charm. The tour continues to reveal hidden bars on every floor, each boasting chandeliers that reflect the couple's love for entertaining.

One of the standout features is the secret garden, br****** with roses, adding a lush, natural element to the urban setting. Rebecca emphasizes that no home is complete without flowers, and her choice of decor reflects this philosophy.

The bathroom is another marvel, with its stunning marble slabs and elegant wall sconces. Moving through the house, the attention to detail becomes even more apparent. The stairs, both beautiful and functional, offer a picturesque view from every angle.

In the dining room, Rebecca's passion for antique China is evident, with carefully selected pieces adding character to the space. The kitchen, featuring a custom-made Le Cornu stove and stacco pink accents, is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. A plate full of croissants hints at the family's love for fine cuisine.

A visit to the pantry reveals Rebecca's favorite snack, chocolate-covered almonds, and a well-stocked healthy pantry. The tour concludes with a glimpse of the home's best selfie spots and the perfect elevator music that accompanies the ride.

Rebecca Hessel Cohen's home is a testament to her impeccable taste and dedication to creating a dreamlike living space. This video offers a rare peek into a hidden gem in the West Village, blending history, luxury, and personal touches.

For a full tour of Rebecca Hessel Cohen's stunning New York home, watch the video now.

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