The Science Behind Bulletproof Glass: Explained by Zack Demetris

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Tuesday, July 9, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Ever wondered how bulletproof glass manages to stop a speeding bullet? Zack Demetris takes viewers through an intriguing exploration of the mechanics behind bulletproof glass in a recent TikTok video titled "How Bullet Proof Glass Works 🤔".

When a bullet hits bulletproof glass, the first layer absorbs the impact, shattering in the process. This might seem alarming, but it's all part of a well-thought-out defense mechanism. Beneath this outer layer lies a tough plastic sheet that acts like a web, catching the shattered glass and distributing the bullet's energy evenly across the surface. This clever design significantly reduces the bullet's force.

But the protection doesn't stop there. If the bullet manages to p******** the initial layers, another layer of glass backed by more plastic stands ready to ensure the bullet does not make it all the way through. This multi-layered approach is what makes bulletproof glass so effective.

In a similar vein, bulletproof vests also employ a layered defense strategy. When a bullet hits a vest, it may tear through the first layer, but multiple layers of super tough fibers are designed to catch and slow down the bullet. The impact force is dispersed across the vest's fibers, reducing the bullet's potential to cause harm. While the wearer might still experience broken ribs or bruising, the vest prevents the bullet from penetrating the body.

For an in-depth look at these fascinating protective technologies, watch Zack Demetris's detailed explanation on TikTok. Dive into the video titled "How Bullet Proof Glass Works 🤔" to see the science in action.

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