Matthew C's Unbelievable True Crime Story: Gummy Cravings Gone Wrong

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Tuesday, July 9, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Matthew C**, a name familiar in the true crime community, shares an astonishing personal experience that starts out as a simple craving for Lifesaver Berry gummies and spirals into an unexpected twist. One night, driven by a sweet tooth, C** heads to a gas station to satisfy his candy craving. Little does he know, this trip will become an unforgettable tale of mishaps and legal entanglement.

After purchasing his Lifesaver Berry gummies, C** leaves the gas station, eager to relish his treat. However, as he reaches for the candy, it slips off the car seat and onto the floorboard. In an attempt to retrieve it, he bends down, only to find himself drifting onto the road's shoulder, surrounded by trees and a ditch. Panicking, he over-corrects his steering, causing the car to spin out and lodge between trees.

Trapped and unable to open the car door, C** escapes through the sunroof. Just then, a forest ranger, who happened to witness the incident, stops and calls the police. What seems like a minor accident takes a dramatic turn when the cops arrive and run C**'s information. To his shock, they handcuff him, revealing he has an outstanding warrant for burglary.

This bewildering encounter leaves C** questioning the bizarre series of events that began with a simple desire for gummies. The story serves as a reminder of how quickly situations can escalate and the unforeseen consequences that can arise from seemingly mundane actions.

Watch the full video to witness Matthew C** recount this incredible true crime story.

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