The Chilling True Story of Daniella Plante: A Real-Life Horror Movie

Mason Riverwind

Updated Sunday, July 7, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

One ordinary day, two sisters, Tina and her sibling, began to notice eerie happenings in their home. The TV channel would change on its own, items moved from their original places, and it felt as if their house was haunted. Initially, their father dismissed these occurrences as harmless pranks between the siblings. However, the situation took a sinister turn when the father himself experienced something inexplicable—someone had used the bathroom despite no one being home.

The father, now convinced something was amiss, started a thorough search of the house. His investigation led him to a closet where he encountered a towering figure with a painted face, wielding a hatchet and a wrench. This menacing stranger ordered the family into a bedroom. Acting quickly, Tina escaped through a window and sought help from a neighbor, who then called the police.

By the time authorities arrived, the intruder had fled, but the family was left traumatized. They decided to stay in a hotel until the man, later dubbed "Slasher," was apprehended. Days later, the father returned to the house to collect some belongings and saw Slasher staring at him from a window. Police were called once more and discovered chilling messages left by the intruder. Knives were embedded in family photos with threatening notes like "I'm still here. Come and find me" and "I'm going to unalive you."

The police conducted a meticulous search and found a hidden crawl space behind a fake wall in the bathroom. Inside, they discovered a pile of clothes concealing Slasher, who turned out to be a tall 17-year-old rather than a monstrous figure. This harrowing experience left the family deeply shaken.

For the full spine-tingling account, watch Ray William Johnson's video detailing this true story of Daniella Plante.

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