Zany 'We're Out of Cornflakes' Comic Unveils the Downfall of the B*ians

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Thursday, July 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Discover the latest comedic masterpiece by WEEDKING, "WE'RE OUT OF CORNFLAKES," that has Reddit buzzing with laughter. This three-panel comic strip features the intriguing and humorous story of the B*******ians, extraterrestrial beings with a name that may incite a chuckle or two.

The first panel sets the stage with a desolate landscape backdrop, featuring a crowd of humans facing three alien figures. The central alien, who appears to be the spokesperson, boldly states, "ALTHOUGH WE ARE KNOWN AS PLANET DESTROYERS, WE B*******IANS WANT TO LIVE PEACEFULLY AMONG YOU."

As the comic progresses to the second panel, a close-up of the earnest alien reveals their generous offer: "WE CAN PROVIDE YOU CURES FOR DISEASES AND HUNGER. ALL WE ASK IS THAT YOU NEVER MAKE FUN OF OUR NAME OR LAUGH AT US..."

The dramatic twist comes in the third panel, where the scene shifts to outer space. The alien, now blue and seemingly exploding, underscores the comic's punchline with the text "5 SECONDS LATER." The dark background with scattered white dots adds to the visual impact, depicting the alien's unfortunate fate due to human humor.

Reddit users have not held back their reactions:

- One user humorously remarked, "We went 5 seconds without making fun of them? H******** that’s impressive."

- Another added, "The B*******ians always come. Its inevitable."

- Linking to more comedic content, a user shared, "More stupidity at [We're Out of Cornflakes]("

- Emphasizing the comic's central theme, someone simply commented, "Balls, man. Balls."

- A witty addition by a commenter stated, "Straight outta South Park," highlighting the comic's satirical nature.

- The comic's connection to pop culture was noted with, "The x-men Krakoa era spinoffs are getting weird."

"We're Out of Cornflakes" by WEEDKING is a brilliant blend of humor and social commentary, making it a must-read for comic enthusiasts. Visit "" for more laughs and to explore the full comic strip. The B*******ians' tale is a zany reminder of humanity's tendency to find humor in the most unexpected places.

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Top Comments from Reddit


We went 5 seconds without making fun of them? H******** that’s impressive


More stupidity at [We're Out of Cornflakes](


The B*******ians always come. Its inevitable.


And I ensure you this: when the guy responsible for the apocalypse was asked why he did made fun of them despite the consequences, he gonna answer: "Because of my neighbour. I hate this b******. I did not want him to get free healthcare and food." (Yeah I know: "I saw my chance" could be possible, too)


Balls, man. Balls.


Ripped off the Men in Black joke but made it a lot less funny




Straight outta South Park


The x-men Krakoa era spinoffs are getting weird


Can’t believe it only took five seconds to find their home world and warp some nukes there.

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