Comical Stand-Up: Mike B's Take on Weed and Sobriety

Riley Sundew

Updated Thursday, July 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Mike B, a rising star in the stand-up comedy scene, delivers another side-splitting performance in his latest video titled "Clean And (mostly) Sober." Known for his sharp wit and relatable humor, Mike B tackles the subject of drug use with a comedic twist that leaves the audience in stitches.

In the video, Mike B humorously declares, "now I don't do drug drugs anymore I smoke weed still but it's fine it grows out of the ground so I can do that." His playful rationalization about sticking to substances that "grow out of the ground" takes a funny turn as he quips about avoiding pills and powders. "No pills no powders that's my rule," he states, but quickly adds, "I mean like I'll still take a pill and crush it into a powder pull a drop of water on there make a paste I ain't say nothing about paste."

The audience erupts into laughter as Mike B continues to poke fun at his own habits, saying, "I'm in smoking pot what time is it it's more like what year is it it's like oh that's the year when I started all four numbers were different." His clever play on time and his past indulgences in marijuana resonate with many viewers, prompting a mixture of chuckles and thoughtful nods.

The video has garnered a variety of reactions from fans. One user noted, "and it's just a plant," echoing Mike B's sentiment about weed. Another commented, "He looks like father of Andrew Huberman," drawing a humorous comparison to the well-known neuroscientist. A fan praised Mike B, saying, "I think this is my favorite joke you have posted."

Interestingly, some users took a more inquisitive approach. One asked, "What does he mean when all numbers were different?" while another humorously inquired, "So, what use is a paste?" These comments highlight the unique and thought-provoking nature of Mike B's comedy.

A dedicated fan expressed their admiration, sharing, "Love your stuff Mike! Headed to Indep Mo in a few weeks," indicating the widespread appeal and following Mike B enjoys.

Mike B's stand-up routine is a perfect blend of humor and introspection, making it a must-watch. His ability to transform personal experiences into comedic gold is truly remarkable, and this video is no exception. For those searching for a good laugh and a fresh perspective on sobriety, Mike B's "Clean And (mostly) Sober" is the perfect pick.

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and its just a plant


What does he mean when all numbers were different?


Love your stuff Mike! Headed to Indep Mo in a few weeks.


So, what use is a paste?


He looks like father of Andrew Huberman.


I think this is my favorite joke you have posted. On a side note, do you ever get frustrated that when you Google comedian Mike B that b****** Birbiglia is the top result?



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