The Shocking Price of Healthy Eating: Pumpkin Seeds for $6.99 Each

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Healthy eating can indeed get expensive, and the latest example is the price of pumpkin seeds in a bulk food section. In a clear plastic container, segmented and surrounded by similar containers, loose pumpkin seeds are being sold for a staggering $6.99 each. The price label, featuring text in both English and another language, prominently displays the price in bold red text with the notation "/EA" underneath.

This has sparked a variety of reactions on Reddit. One user humorously commented, "It's one pumpkin seed Michael, what could it cost, $10?" while another drew a parallel to the classic "Charlie Brown" by mentioning, "Those are the seeds from the great pumpkin in Charlie Brown." The high cost of these seeds even led a commenter to sarcastically call them "magic pumpkin seeds."

Some users saw the high price as an opportunity, with one stating, "think about it George, one seed becomes a plant that will give you hundreds of fresh seeds... you gotta think like an investor." Another user humorously mapped out a plan for profit: "1. buy pumpkin seed, 2. grow pumpkin, 3. profit," though they concluded, "Aand I’m bankrupt."

The conversation also touched on the weight and cost analysis of the seeds. One user calculated, "One seed weighs around 330mg. 1375 seeds = 453.6g/1lb -> $9,632.00. 3030 seeds = 1kg -> $21,210.00." After this analysis, the user humorously decided, "Guess I'll take a sixpack of beer instead, bye."

Some expressed frustration, such as a user lamenting, "And now I've lost all interest in eating healthy. Back to HO-HO's and T****ies." On the other hand, there were those who defended the price, arguing that the cost reflects the potential pumpkin that could be grown from the seed.

Overall, the image and ensuing discussion highlight the sometimes exorbitant costs associated with healthy eating, prompting reactions that range from humor and sarcasm to genuine concern and analysis.

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Top Comments from Reddit


It's one pumpkin seed michael, what could it cost, $10?


Those are the seeds from the great pumpkin in charlie brown.


The sales pitch is that they are magic pumpkin seeds.


"think about it George, one seed becomes a plant that will give you hundreds of fresh seeds... you gotta think like an investor."


what does /EA mean?


I see it as an opportunity. $7 for a seed you can grow into a whole pumpkin pat- Aand I’m bankrupt


1. buy pumpkin seed 2. grow pumpkin 3. profit


One seed weigh around 330mg 1375 seeds = 453,6g/ 1lb -> $9,632.00 3030 seeds = 1kg -> $21,210.00 Edit: correction to grams to lbs Guess I'll take a sixpack of beer instead, bye.


"Um, why are you counting those? The scale clearly says 1.5kg."


No wonder only professional baseball players can afford to eat sunflower seeds nowadays

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