The De-Evolution of Corn on the Cob Holders: A Nostalgic Journey

Harper Quill

Updated Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a world where even the simplest kitchen tools evoke nostalgia, a recent Reddit post titled "How Did We as Humans Get to This Point?" has sparked a conversation about the evolution—or de-evolution—of corn on the cob holders over the past 50 years. The image accompanying the post showcases four kitchen utensils laid out on a flat, light-colored surface, illustrating the stark contrast between the charming past and the sleek, modern present.

From left to right, the first two utensils are identical corn holders. These nostalgic holders have yellow plastic handles shaped like small ears of corn, complete with a textured pattern resembling corn kernels. Each handle features two stainless steel prongs designed to pierce and hold an ear of corn, embodying a delightful novelty that many remember fondly.

The next two utensils are stainless steel corncob stripping tools, a modern innovation for those who prefer efficiency. With cylindrical handles and a smooth, reflective surface, these tools sport a short, wide blade with a V-shaped notch, specifically designed for stripping kernels from a corncob. While undeniably practical, they lack the whimsical charm of their predecessors.

Reddit users were quick to share their thoughts and memories. One user reminisced about having corn holders shaped like little corns-on-the-cob and questioned how to eat corn with dignity without them. Another user mentioned finding various novelty corn holders, including a set shaped like an alligator, which added a cute touch to their dining experience. Others shared their practical alternatives, from using sheetrock screws to simply picking up the cob with their fingers.

Interestingly, some users defended the modern design, citing its recyclable nature, hygiene, and cleaner aesthetic. However, the sentiment of longing for the past was palpable. One user humorously declared, "It may be 2024 out there, but in here, it's 1975," proudly owning fourteen corn-shaped cob holders.

This lively discussion highlights the emotional connection people have with everyday objects. Whether it's Wolverine claw-shaped holders or pig faces and pig butts, these tools are more than just functional items; they are a testament to human creativity and a source of joy during mealtime.

Ultimately, the image and ensuing conversation remind us that while modern designs may offer efficiency, the charm and character of the past remain irreplaceable. As technology and design continue to evolve, it's essential to cherish the quirky and nostalgic items that bring a smile to our faces and make our lives a little more delightful.

For those yearning for a touch of nostalgia, specialty kitchen stores and even Walmart still offer a variety of corn holders, ensuring that the spirit of these delightful tools lives on.

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Top Comments from Reddit


If my corn-on-the-cob holders aren't shaped like little corns-on-the-cob, then how am I supposed to eat this corn-on-the-cob with dignity?


I have Wolverine claws ones


I can still find corn cob looking ones (and a whole bunch of others) at some specialty kitchen stores around town. I had one set that was a little alligator. Pull it apart and you get the pins for both handles, and it had its feet down so you could put the corn down without it touching the plate, which was kinda cute. However, I don't remember the last time I actually used any.


That was a choice, there are much better corn holders available.


My parents have the ones on the right. They are too dull to even pierce the cob and so they are essentially useless. And.....they aren't little corns.


Am I a lunatic for just picking up the cob with my fingies? Like, why involve tools and nails and such?


I just use sheetrock screws


Um, you can literally get both pairs at Walmart. Nothing's changed.


Computer says these are the most efficient design. Computer never had butter on it's fingers


Speak for yourself, mine are pig faces and pig butts

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