The Amusing Husky Holding Toilet Paper: A Lesson on Dog Training and Playing Chase

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a delightful Reddit post titled "Trainer said to discourage playing 'chase' so he raised the stakes," a striking Husky dog showcases both its intelligence and playful nature. The image captures the Husky, with its distinctive black and white fur, sitting indoors on a reddish-brown tiled floor. Its fur pattern includes a mostly black back, white legs, and a white face with black markings around the eyes and ears, resembling a mask.

This clever canine is holding what appears to be a white roll of paper, possibly a paper towel roll or a small package, firmly in its mouth. To the dog's left, a wooden panel and a crisscross baby or pet gate are visible. On the right, furniture dr**** with an olive-green cover adds to the cozy indoor setting.

Reddit users couldn't help but share their thoughts and experiences related to the post. One user emphasized the importance of teaching dogs commands like "bring it" for treats, play, or attention, rather than encouraging them to play chase. They shared how their spitz used to steal shoes and run off but now brings them back when asked. Another commenter humorously shared how their cat loves being chased and even pretends to be injured to keep the game going.

Interestingly, a user mentioned that they play chase with their dog using a specific toy and always end the game with a signal to indicate it's over. This approach has worked well for them so far. Others couldn't help but comment on the Husky's confident expression, with one user noting, "The look in his eyes lol he's very confident."

Some comments took a more whimsical turn, with one user imagining the dog's thoughts: "I have your b*** paper. It is the last in the house. What will you do, Dave? *What will you do*?" Another user joked about the Husky's resemblance to Donald Sutherland, while someone else thought the dog looked like the antagonist from the movie "Balto."

The post sparked a variety of reactions, from those who advocate against playing chase with dogs to those who find it an amusing and harmless game. One user summed it up nicely, stating, "Chase is our buddy’s favorite game!"

Overall, this Reddit post featuring a clever Husky holding a roll of paper serves as a playful reminder of the different perspectives on dog training and the joys of having a furry friend.

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I support not playing chase. It just leads to a dog that keeps running away from you whenever you really need them not to. Teach “bring it” for treats or play or attention. My spitz steals shoes and runs off, but will bring it when asked. And he doesn’t run away from me anymore since I stopped playing chasing games.


I have a cat that LOVES being chased. If I stop running after him and stand still he pretends to be injured so I keep chasing him.


Play chase with my dog, but only with a specific toy and always finish it with a signal to show the game is over Hasn’t been an issue yet but we’ll see


What? Chase is so much fun though.


The look in his eyes lol he's very confident


if this was during covid, bros calling war


👀—“you will chase puny human”


"I have your b*** paper. It is the last in the house. What will you do, Dave? *What will you do*?..."


Yeah, my dog doesn't play fetch. He plays "I'll go pick that up, but I'mma need you to fight me if you want it back"


Chase is our buddy’s favorite game!

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