Laughable Video of Unique Rock Collection Goes Viral: Meet Rocktopus, Rockzilla, and More!

Aiden Starling

Updated Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A recent video showcasing a quirky and amusing collection of 3D rocks has taken Reddit by storm. The video, titled "My cousins rock collection," features an assortment of creatively crafted rocks, each with its own distinctive character and name. Among the standout creations are Rocktopus, Rockzilla, and the hilariously named Jack Pickleson.

The narrator enthusiastically presents each rock, starting with "Rock body" and moving on to a "rock in a wheelchair," which was humorously corrected by a commenter to be a "rock in a rocking chair." The collection continues with a "rocktopus," a "rockluster," and more, culminating in the grand reveal of "rocky yaddy body yaddy yaddy" and the colossal "rockmungus."

Reddit users had a field day with the video, chiming in with their own observations and corrections. One user pointed out that the last rock, referred to as Jack Pickleson, is more accurately a "Pickolous Cage." Another user expressed disbelief at the effort put into the video, noting that some of the pun-names were easily identifiable yet incorrectly named.

The video also sparked creative suggestions from viewers, with one commenter proposing the addition of a "Rock Ness Monster" to the collection. Another user humorously compared one of the rocks to a Geodude from Pokémon, rather than an Onix. The playful banter continued with references to "Pickle Nick" and "Pickleless Cage," with one user declaring Pickle Nick as their favorite.

The collection even drew comparisons to celebrities, with a mention of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and the suggestion that his likeness, dubbed "Rock Racks," was missing from the collection. The whimsical nature of the rocks, such as the "rock lobster," led to a comment about a government conspiracy involving a secret Rock army, humorously attributed to Alex Jones.

Overall, the video has captivated viewers with its blend of creativity, humor, and nostalgia. Some users even imagined the rocks as characters in a scene from Toy Story, highlighting the imaginative potential of the collection. Despite a few detractors, the general consensus is that the video is a delightful and entertaining showcase of rock-themed creativity.

For those interested in unique and humorous collections, this video is a must-watch. Whether you're a fan of puns, pop culture references, or just enjoy a good laugh, "My cousins rock collection" is sure to bring a smile to your face.

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Top Comments from Reddit


The last one is clearly a Pickolous Cage, not a Jack Pickolas...


"Rock in a wheelchair" It's rock in a rocking chair


I really can't believe they took the time to post this and got like half of the easily-identifiable pun-names wrong...


That's a Geodude not an Onix!


He needs to make a Rock Ness Monster


That's definitely Pickleless Cage


Hey it’s Pickle Nick!


Looks more like Pickolas Cage


Rock lobster, brilliant.


Pickle Nick is my favorite one. 

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