Discover Why BJS Two-Man Home Delivery Service is Winning Hearts

Jaxon Wildwood

Updated Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A recent image posted on Reddit has captured the attention and hearts of many, showcasing the back of a BJS delivery truck. The truck, seen with its doors closed, features a light grey map-like design in the background. At the top of the left door, "WILLENHALL" is written in grey letters, while the bold, large yellow letters "BJS" prominently stand out just below it. This is accompanied by the phrase "TWO-MAN HOME DELIVERY" in smaller black letters underneath.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the image is a large white rectangle that appears to be covering additional information, possibly a phone number or a website. This white rectangle adds an element of mystery, making viewers wonder what might be hidden beneath.

To the right of the door, some additional text is partially visible but mostly cut off. The visible parts include the word "AR" and the phrases "Holding sa" and "wrigh," sparking curiosity about what the full text might say.

The comments on the Reddit post provide a humorous take on the image. One user quipped, "When you need a package delivered with extra care call BJS because two men are better than one haha," while another humorously asked, "Two man BJs?" A third user added to the playful banter with, "You’ll never guess where the second man is blowing."

The truck's metal locking mechanisms and fixtures are in grey, adhering to a standard delivery vehicle setup, but it's the clever branding and the community's witty remarks that truly make this image stand out.

BJS Two-Man Home Delivery Service is evidently making an impact not just through their delivery efficiency but also by sparking joy and laughter among those who come across their trucks. This image is a testament to how a simple delivery truck can capture the imagination and humor of an online community.

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When you need a package delivered with extra care call BJS because two men are better than one haha


Two man BJs?


You’ll never guess where the second man is blowing

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