Laughable Spelling Mistakes: Students Attempt to Spell Vinegar Goes Viral

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Tuesday, July 9, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recent viral video on Reddit titled "These students can't SPELL", a humorous yet eye-opening scenario unfolds, spotlighting the challenges students face with spelling. The video captures a student's struggle to spell the word "vinegar," leading to an unexpected and comical outcome.

The student, in an earnest attempt, tries to phonetically spell out vinegar as "V-N-I-G-G-E-R," resulting in a bewildered and amused reaction from the recipient. The irony of the situation is amplified by the fact that this occurred during Black History Month, adding an unintended layer of complexity to the mishap. The student's effort to "sound it out" clearly went awry, sparking laughter and confusion.

This incident isn't isolated, as highlighted by user comments under the video. One user shared their own experience, recounting how a student wrote "OL" on a test about natural resources, which took two teachers 15 minutes to decipher as "oil." Another shared the amusing misspelling of "tobacco" as "baccer." These anecdotes underline the broader issue of how some students spell words the way they phonetically hear them, particularly in rural areas like North Carolina.

The video and its accompanying comments have resonated with many, drawing attention to the sometimes humorous, sometimes perplexing nature of spelling education. The humor in these situations also echoes the comedic style of Bo Burnham, known for his witty observations on everyday life.

This viral moment serves as a reminder of the importance of phonetic awareness and spelling education, while also providing a lighthearted look at the innocent mistakes that can lead to unexpectedly funny results.

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I once had a student write “OL” on a test about natural resources (Social Studies). It took me and another teacher about 15 minutes to realize he meant “Oil”, also got “baccer” from a kid instead of tobacco. Some people spell like they talk. Rural NC is an interesting place.


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