The Curse: A Humorous Yet Dark Comic by Seebangnow

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Monday, July 8, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Discover the wildly popular four-panel comic titled "The Curse" by the talented artist Seebangnow, which has taken Reddit by storm. This simplistic, black-and-white illustration masterfully combines dark humor with relatable everyday frustrations, captivating audiences across social media.

In the first panel, a large, menacing dark figure with sharp teeth and a somewhat circular, evil-looking eye approaches a small, human-like character. This shadowy figure, with its ragged and irregular edges, inquires menacingly, "How do you wish me to curse your enemy?" The human character, drawn with minimalistic details and a neutral expression, stands poised for a response.

The second panel features the small human character delivering their curse. They declare, "I curse them to be always on the verge of falling sick but never be ill enough for actual treatment, living in a state of eternal unactionable discomfort." This statement, occupying most of the panel, highlights a unique and torturous scenario that resonates with many viewers.

In the third panel, the dark figure is shown alone, presumably reflecting on the curse just proposed. This introspective moment adds depth to the comic, emphasizing the gravity of the human character's wish.

The fourth and final panel brings the dark figure back, now with a speech bubble that reads, "That is so messed up..." This punchline delivers a comedic yet dark twist, leaving readers both amused and contemplative.

Comments on this comic have sparked discussions and reactions, with users sharing their thoughts and personal experiences. One user humorously remarks, "I have that now and I hate it," while another suggests, "I would curse them with the feeling of needing to sneeze but never actually getting to." The comic's impact extends beyond laughter, as some users relate it to real-life conditions, with comments like, "So...basically anyone with GI issues?" and "Sounds like Long COVID 🤔."

Seebangnow's comic brilliantly captures the essence of dark humor, blending it with everyday struggles and universal feelings of discomfort. The relatable content and clever execution make "The Curse" a must-see for anyone seeking a laugh with a touch of existential reflection.

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Top Comments from Reddit


I have that now and I hate it


I would curse them with the feeling of needing to sneeze but never actually getting to.


So...basically anyone with GI issues?


Wouldn't that accidentally make someone immortal? Like, you'll never get sick enough to require treatment, so presumably you'd never get sick enough to die either.


Had that for the last 2 months. I would like to file a complaint against this person.


r/migraine sends its regards.


May my enemies always have the feeling that there is a single strand of hair in their mouth.


"Basically, you want them to turn 45 then?"


I curse you with perpetually itchy bones!


This is what unleashed Long COVID.

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