Street Art in Athens: A Bold Commentary on Greece and the EU

Avery Emberly

Updated Monday, July 8, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

During a recent stroll through the vibrant streets of Athens, Greece, an intriguing piece of street art was spotted that captured the attention of both locals and tourists alike. This captivating artwork, situated on a light-colored wall in an outdoor or semi-outdoor area with a tile or stone floor, cleverly depicts two male figures dressed in traditional ancient Greek or Roman togas.

The figure on the left, adorned in a striking red toga, holds a sign that boldly proclaims, “THIS IS ALL BECAUSE OF 'EU'”. Beside him, the figure in a blue toga counters with a sign that reads, “you’re so dracmatic”. The humor and sharp commentary embedded in this piece reflect the complex and often strained relationship between Greece and the European Union, especially in light of the economic crisis that has affected the country.

Adding to the scene is a large potted plant perched on a raised platform next to the figures. The secluded ambiance of the area is emphasized by the wall behind the figures, which features two closed, dark-colored shutters. Shadows cast on the tiled floor and a partial view of a column to the right side of the image add depth to the setting, making the artwork even more compelling.

This piece of street art has sparked discussions and various interpretations among those who have seen it. One Reddit user mentioned seeing a painting in Greece that depicted a raft full of survivors, symbolizing Greece, and an approaching Titanic, representing the EU. This imagery resonates with the sentiment expressed in the street art, highlighting the tension and criticisms surrounding Greece's relationship with the EU.

Another user commented on the economic crisis, suggesting that the issue was exacerbated by tax evasion within Greece. Meanwhile, a third user reminisced about the "drachma," Greece's old currency before adopting the euro in 2001, reflecting on the nostalgia and economic implications tied to this historical change.

This thought-provoking street art in Athens not only showcases the artistic talent present in the city but also serves as a powerful medium for social and political commentary. It invites passersby to reflect on Greece's past, present, and future within the broader context of the European Union.

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I'm sure the crisis had nothing to do with the fact that noone in Greece was paying any taxes


Been to Greece recently and saw a painting there depicting a raft full of survivors representing Greece and an approaching Titanic depicting EU. Didn't thought deep into it. Is there hatred towards EU from people in Greece?


"drachma" , Drachme. Alte Währung vorm Euro. Wusste sicher noch jeder. edit : drachma, old greek currency until 2001... sure everybody knew that

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