Lighthearted Comic Strip “Not So Good At This” Illustrates Awkward Social Interactions

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Monday, July 8, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In an amusing and relatable twist on social interactions, the comic strip titled “Not So Good At This” has captured the hearts of many on Reddit. With its simple yet effective cartoon characters and humor derived from awkward moments, this comic is a brilliant portrayal of misunderstood signals and social faux pas.

**Top Panel:**

The comic opens with two characters. The one on the left is a gender-neutral figure sporting orange-tinted glasses and holding a drink. The character on the right is a female with large pink sunglasses and long hair tied in a ponytail. The female character initiates the conversation by asking, “Hey there, wanna grab a drink?” to which the gender-neutral character, seemingly oblivious, replies, “I already have a drink.”

**Second Panel:**

The conversation continues with the female character attempting to clarify her intent by saying, “Haha, what I meant was, do you wanna go have some fun?” The gender-neutral character, still misunderstanding, joyfully responds, “I am having fun. The party is great!” His raised arms and happy expression contrast with the slight smile and head tilt of the female character, highlighting the growing miscommunication.

**Third Panel:**

The female character’s patience begins to wear thin as she states more bluntly, “I'm saying do you wanna get outta here...” The gender-neutral character, now looking sad and apologetic, responds, “Sorry, I didn't mean to annoy you.”

**Fourth Panel:**

The female character, clearly frustrated, points aggressively at the gender-neutral character and directly asks, “Do. You. Want. To. Have. Sex.” This straightforward question finally gets through to the gender-neutral character, who exclaims, “Woah! Do I ever!”

**Bottom Panel:**

The comic concludes with a humorous twist. The gender-neutral character, with a surprised expression, places their hands close to their face in shock while the female character points a large firearm at them with a serious look. The sound effect “*Click click*” near the firearm adds to the comedic tension. The gender-neutral character’s final dialogue, “I wonder who with!” perfectly encapsulates the entire misunderstanding.

This comic strip has sparked numerous comments from Reddit users who can relate to the awkwardness of misreading social cues. One user commented, “2 years from now he's gonna be kicking himself because he just realized it was her,” while another shared a personal anecdote, “This was exactly me... She was the one who had to make the first move.”

The humor and relatability of “Not So Good At This” make it a perfect example of how simple illustrations and clever dialogue can effectively capture and entertain an audience. Whether it’s a nostalgic reminder of teenage years or a laugh at present-day social blunders, this comic strip resonates with many and is sure to bring a smile to anyone who has ever found themselves in a similar situation.

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Top Comments from Reddit


2 years from now he's gonna be kicking himself because he just realized it was her


She's just being friendly.


During my freshman year of high school, my buddy Ben started dating a senior named Stephanie. They actually went on to get married, and they're still together to this day... but that's not the point. The point is that Stephanie had a younger sister who was my age, and to whom I was admittedly attracted. I viewed Ben's relationship as being a potential opportunity, and so – using my incredible subtlety and wit – I enacted a fiendishly diabolical plan: "Hey, Stephanie," I said one morning, "can you set me up with your sister Lisa?" "Okay," Stephanie replied. The following Friday, I picked Lisa up at her house... by which I mean, I rode along while my mother drove me there and then brought us both to the movie theater. We arrived far earlier than I'd intended, which left us free to explore the empty show-hall together. This adventure eventually saw us ducking into the area behind the screen and staring at the equipment (which mainly consisted of some support-beams and speakers). "Neat," I said. "I guess." Lisa nodded absentmindedly in response. "Yeah. This would be a good place to make out with someone." "I guess," I said again. "Hey, do you want anything to eat? Some candy or something?" Lisa stared at me pointedly, as though I had forgotten something important. "Oh!" I continued, suddenly realizing what I had forgotten. "Or would you like something to drink?" Once again, the young woman watched me with a quizzical expression. After another moment, she just shook her head with a smile and ducked back into the theater. The movie was pretty good, I guess. **TL;DR: I feel the need to slap myself when I see the area behind theater screens.**


Definitely reminds me of me when I was younger. Although now it's not much better, because I just convince myself that it's just my imagination and should never act on it for fear of being labelled a creep.


Then there’s the other way around: “omg, she’s sending all the signals, I really think that she likes me. Come on, man up and make a move, this one is bulletproof. Ok, here goes nothing… “ Edit: she did NOT like you like that. You are a creep, you lost a friend and now she hates you


This sums up ages 16 to 26 for me.


My first sex partner was quite adventurous and definitely more experienced than me. She asked once if I had ever thought about doing a*** & I instinctively thought she meant p****** me and said "Nope" in a frightened tone of voice. We broke up shortly thereafter. I think of that sometimes and do something mildly painful to myself.


I was sitting with my girlfriend in college under the stars in a field and she said, “this is exactly how I expected to lose my virginity.” I replied “that’s nice” and went back to staring at the stars. What a dummy move.


Why does this feel so real?


Men don’t understand hints. Not even obvious hints. Women, just tell us what the f*** you want.

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