Why Does MrBeast Look Like He’s in a PS2 Cutscene? The Curious Case of a Viral Thumbnail

Mia Nightshade

Updated Sunday, July 7, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

The ever-popular YouTube star MrBeast has sparked yet another wave of online conversation with his intriguing video thumbnail. Titled "MrBeast's 24 Hour Survival Challenge," the thumbnail has garnered attention not just for the survival escapade it advertises, but for the peculiar, almost retro appearance of MrBeast himself. Some viewers have even likened it to a scene straight out of a PS2 cutscene or a Sega Saturn game.

In the image, MrBeast, known for his high-energy and often extravagant challenges, is seen alongside another bearded man. Both are set against a backdrop of dimly lit, dramatic orange and red hues, invoking a nighttime outdoor setting. The eerie atmosphere is further amplified by the glowing red eyes peering from the darkness, suggesting a suspenseful or adventure-filled scenario.

One Reddit user commented, "You’re being generous. I thought he was from 007 Goldeneye." Another added, "I actually thought it was the point of the thumbnail but upon closer inspection I don’t think that was the intention anymore." These comments reflect the online community's mixed reactions, oscillating between humor and genuine curiosity.

Interestingly, some have pointed out that MrBeast's face in this particular thumbnail looks unusually edited. "He isn't doing his irritating goofy smile, weird," observed one commenter, while another speculated, "Is it not a faceswap? He uses AI for his thumbnails." This has led others to muse about the uncanny valley effect, where something appears almost human but not quite, creating a sense of unease.

MoistCr1TiKaL, also known as Penguinz0, a fellow YouTuber and friend of MrBeast, was mentioned in the comments, with one user humorously attributing the odd thumbnail to him: "Becuz of MoistCr1TiKaL. Obvs." Others speculated it could be a marketing tactic to "stop the scroll" and make viewers more likely to click on the video.

The thumbnail's design is indeed eye-catching. Featuring the logo "TOC" at the top left and the video details at the bottom, it has already amassed 637K views in just 18 hours. The video length is indicated as 32:38, promising a substantial viewing experience. However, the surreal quality of MrBeast's appearance, which one user described as "Chilla's Art Mr. Beast," raises questions about the role of AI and digital editing in modern content creation.

Despite the myriad of comments and theories, one thing is clear: MrBeast continues to capture the internet's imagination, whether it's through his daring challenges or his enigmatic thumbnails. As the discussion unfolds, the online community remains engaged, eager to unravel the mystery behind the PS2 cutscene look and the creative decisions that led to it.

Stay tuned as MrBeast’s 24-hour survival challenge video continues to trend and draw in curious viewers from all corners of the web.

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Top Comments from Reddit


You’re being generous. I thought he was from 007 Goldeneye 


I actually thought it was the point of the thumbnail but upon closer inspection I don’t think that was the intention anymore


He isn't doing his irritating goofy a** smile, weird




Becuz of MoistCr1TiKaL. Obvs.


Thats what I thought 0.2 seconds looking at him


Surviving 24 hours on Gfuel and chocolate bars.


He’s always looked like that.


I thought it was Dave Grohl in a Sega Saturn game.


Uncanny valley, his thumbnails seem to always put him in it. Almost certainly to catch attention and "stop the scroll" so you are more likely to watch his video

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