The Truth Behind "People Chow": A Snack Controversy Unveiled

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Sunday, July 7, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

The internet is buzzing about a recent image posted on Reddit, showing a container labeled "People Chow." This quirky snack, reminiscent of dry cereal squares dusted in powdered sugar, has sparked an array of reactions and discussions online.

The image displays a clear plastic container filled with these sugary squares, marked with a label that reads:


People Chow

Lot: 24172 Best If Used By: 12/22/2022

Net wt 16oz (454g)

Nutrition Fact

7 servings per container

serving size


While some of the nutritional information is obscured, the intriguing name "People Chow" has caught the attention of many.

One Reddit user humorously noted, "Goes great with some Soylent green," hinting at the infamous fictional food from the movie "Soylent Green." Another user speculated, "I’m guessing they had a lot of problems with people feeding it to their dogs," suggesting a potential reason behind the unique naming.

Interestingly, "People Chow," also known as "Muddy Buddies" in some regions, seems to have drawn mixed emotions. Some commenters reminisced about their childhood, recalling that this treat was a common sight at American elementary school holiday parties. One user mentioned, "For some reason this seems to be (or maybe used to be) a common treat in some American elementary schools. Like for holiday parties."

The name "Puppy Chow," which many might remember, is actually a trademark held by Purina, possibly explaining why stores opt for alternative names like "People Chow" or "Muddy Buddies." One user jokingly suggested, "Bachelor Chow-now with flavor!" while another expressed a preference for "Soylent chow."

Not all reactions were positive, though. One comment amusingly likened the snack to a box of toenails, while another remarked, "Looks like it came out of a crematorium." Despite these critiques, others couldn't resist the nostalgic appeal, with one user simply stating, "Mmmmmm."

Amid the lighthearted banter, a comment highlighted a more serious note on the impact of inflation, "Well with the inflation from Bidenomics, puppies are just too expensive, so they had to find a cheaper alternative." This statement, though humorously intended, reflects current economic concerns affecting many.

The image itself offers a close-up view of the container, placed on a marble surface with some blurred objects in the background, including what appears to be a round white container with a green design and some remote controls.

Overall, "People Chow" has stirred a mix of nostalgia, humor, and curiosity. Whether you call it "People Chow," "Muddy Buddies," or remember it as "Puppy Chow," this snack continues to be a topic of fascination and a reminder of simpler times.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Goes great with some Soylent green.


I’m guessing they had a lot of problems with people feeding it to their dogs


Bachelor Chow-now with flavor!


For some reason this seems to be (or maybe used to be) a common treat in some American elementary schools. Like for holiday parties. Also, for some reason, it’s called Puppy Chow. I’m assuming stores can’t call it that because Purina has a trademark on the name. I’ve also seen it called “Muddy Buddies”.


I preferred Soylent chow


Looks like it came out of a crematorium.


I know just the cyclopian monocerotic volant purpur-shaded individual this could be marketed to.


Looks like a box of toenails. Yum!


I prefer Bachelor Chow.



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