Tesla Diversifies with Stylish New Trash Cans: A Bold Move or a Gimmick?

Avery Emberly

Updated Sunday, July 7, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Tesla is known for pushing boundaries in the automotive and energy sectors, but a recent image circulating on Reddit has sparked a new conversation about the company's diversification strategies. The image, titled "Tesla is diversifying their revenue streams!", showcases a collection of cylindrical containers, which appear to be trash cans, adorned with a distinctive "T" emblem. These containers are arranged on a sleek, grey surface and come in various pastel colors, including lavender, light blue, and white.

The most prominently featured container is a lavender trash can with a white "T" emblem on the lid, standing out among the scattered and tilted cans around it. The lighting in the image is soft, adding a touch of elegance to the seemingly mundane objects. This unusual sight has prompted a flurry of reactions from Reddit users.

One user humorously questioned, "Can you fit a CyberTruck in these Tesla Bins?" while another quipped, "Introducing our fuel-efficient garbage cans—no more gasoline needed!" The playful banter continued with comments like "Looks like Tesla’s running out of ideas. At this rate they’ll make Tesla trash bags to match" and "What’s the subscription fee to be able to open the lid?"

However, not all comments were lighthearted. One user pointed out, "I saw this at a store in Nepal. They have already p********d the developing markets. Excellent news for the shareholders!" This observation suggests that Tesla's new product line might be more than just a humorous diversion.

Some users even drew comparisons to other tech companies, with one reminiscing, "I worked at Best Buy back in 2015 and we still had the old trashcan Macs. In our Samsung area, we had a small trash can we threw the Apple logo on and had a laugh when we would sometimes take it over to the Apple area as a prank."

While the idea of Tesla-branded trash cans might seem absurd to some, it's clear that the company has a knack for capturing public interest and stirring discussions. Whether these containers are a genuine attempt to diversify their product line or just an elaborate marketing stunt remains to be seen.

What do you think about Tesla's bold move into the world of household items? Is it a clever way to expand their brand, or is it a step too far? Share your thoughts and join the conversation.

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Top Comments from Reddit


I don’t see any diversification…


Can you fit a CyberTruck in these Tesla Bins?


I saw this at a store in Nepal. They have already p********d the developing markets. Excellent news for the shareholders!


Now they make housings for their other products


Diversify yo bonds!


Those are for CyberIUDs


Careful! Might break the steering cable on the CyberTrash




Introducing our fuel-efficient garbage cans—no more gasoline needed!


Quick, look underneath for a clue on Trinity’s whereabouts.

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