Marvel at the Creative Design on My Hot Tub Floor: An Artistic Wonder

Mia Nightshade

Updated Sunday, July 7, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

The design on the floor of my hot tub is just so creative that it has sparked a wave of commentary and intrigue across Reddit. This abstract pattern is a visual masterpiece, reminiscent of the intricate and layered designs found in nature, such as those seen in agate or other banded stones.

The pattern is predominantly blue, varying from deep, almost black-blue to a much lighter, almost white-blue. It boasts a symmetrical, vertical layout with the darkest part forming an elongated, oval shape in the center. Surrounding this central shape are layers of concentric lines that alternate between lighter and darker shades of blue, creating a sense of depth and dimension. These lines ripple outward from the center, giving the design a fluid, almost liquid texture.

A strong light source from the lower left corner of the image causes a bright reflection, radiating outward and adding a dynamic sense of movement. This light accentuates the glossy texture of the surface, making the design even more captivating.

The reactions from Reddit users have been diverse and entertaining. One user humorously commented, "Is that the Eye of Sauron?" while another added, "Georgia O’Keeffe wants to know your location." The pattern has even been described as "Moist" and "vagtastic," with users making playful and sometimes cheeky remarks. One user found the pattern so evocative that they stated, "Everything reminds me of her," while another quipped, "Guess it’s a reminder that you’re in something else warm and wet."

Despite the varied interpretations, the consensus is clear: this hot tub floor design is a creative marvel that captivates the imagination. Whether it reminds you of nature’s wonders or sparks a whimsical thought, it certainly makes a memorable impression.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Georgia O’Keeffe wants to know your location


Everything reminds me of her.


Is that the Eye of Sauron


I should call her




That’s vagtastic


I trust you set the water to womb temperature.




There is no design. That's just a mirrored bottom.


I didn't think those got blue as well...

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