Laughable Church Sign for Fish Fry Event Goes Viral: "Our Cod is an Awesome Cod

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Sunday, July 7, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

The internet is buzzing over a recent post from Reddit that showcases a cleverly humorous church sign promoting a fish fry event. The sign, located outside Jenkins Church, a Cumberland Presbyterian congregation, has caught the attention of many for its witty play on words.

Situated on a grassy area with a backdrop of trees, the sign is elevated on posts and features two sections. The top section has a blue background with white text and a gold-colored cross symbol on the left side. It reads, "JENKINS CHURCH A CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN CONGREGATION."

The real kicker, however, lies in the bottom section. Against a white background, black text announces an upcoming "FISH FRY DRIVE THRU" event scheduled for Saturday, October 9th, from 4 to 7 PM. The humorous twist? The sign proclaims, "'OUR COD IS AN AWESOME COD,'" substituting "Cod" for "God" in a playful nod to the popular Christian hymn.

Reddit users were quick to react with a slew of laughable comments. One user quipped, "These might be the best-humored Presbyterians in existence," while another humorously suggested turning to "Song of Salmon, chapter 4." Others chimed in, calling it "brilliant" and speculating that the sign was "written by a dad no doubt."

The puns continued to roll in with comments like, "the piece of cod which passeth all understanding" and "You know if it's a Cumberland church they be serving catfish. That's how they get you, with talks of cod." Another user whimsically asked, "What if Cod was one of us??"

The sign has not only amused but also intrigued many, with one user admitting, "Welp, they got me hooked and now I’m curious." The humor extended to biblical references and fish-related puns, with comments like "The CodFarther his son was a CARPenter" and "Jesus Fries!"

Some users speculated about the church's location, with one guessing Newfoundland but another confirming it's in Tennessee. A non-US resident expressed confusion, stating, "….. I don’t get it??"

The viral image has certainly left a mark, drawing attention to the creativity and humor of Jenkins Church. Whether you're a fan of fish, faith, or just a good laugh, this sign has something for everyone. So, if you're in the area on October 9th, don't miss the chance to experience the "awesome cod" firsthand at Jenkins Church's fish fry drive-thru event.

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Top Comments from Reddit


These might be the best-humored Presbyterians in existence


If you'll please turn to Song of Salmon, chapter 4.


Written by a dad no doubt.


Come to the table of our Lord and savor


Welp, they got me hooked and now I’m curious.


the piece of cod which passeth all understanding


What if Cod was one of us??


That’s brilliant lol


You know if it's a cumberland church they be serving catfish. That's how they get you, with talks of cod.


The CodFarther his son was a CARPenter

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