Dying Laughing at Google's Results for Cough Home Remedies: A Crazy Reddit Discussion

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Sunday, July 7, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the age of digital solutions and quick fixes, it's always amusing to see how the internet responds to everyday health queries. A recent Reddit post titled "Dying laughing at Google's results for cough home remedies" has sparked a crazy discussion, with users chiming in on unconventional and humorous remedies for a cough.

### The Original Image

The image in question is a well-organized visual guide listing several home remedies for a cough. Each remedy is accompanied by a relevant image and a brief explanation of how it helps alleviate cough symptoms. The remedies include honey, herbal tea, and steam.

1. **Honey**

- **Image**: A small jar of honey with a wooden honey dipper and some honeycomb pieces.

- **Text**: "Honey can soothe a sore throat and may suppress coughs. You can try swallowing a spoonful of honey before bed or mixing it with tea or warm lemon water. However, you should never give honey to children under one year old because of the risk of botulism."

2. **Herbal Tea**

- **Image**: A clear glass cup filled with herbal tea, surrounded by some fresh green herbs.

- **Text**: "Teas like chamomile, peppermint, thyme, and licorice root can help reduce the cough reflex and soothe a sore throat. The warmth of the tea can also help with throat dryness and irritation by stimulating saliva production."

3. **Steam**

- **Image**: A simplified icon showing a steaming cup of tea or a kettle.

- **Text**: "The steam from a hot shower, bath, or teakettle can help loosen mucus and congestion."

### Reddit Reactions

Reddit users quickly turned the informative guide into a comedy goldmine. One user humorously suggested, "r/steamdeck is the best cure for a cough," playing on the dual meaning of "steam" and the popular gaming device. Another user commented, "ngl steam is pretty good when you're sick," implying that gaming can be a distraction from illness.

Some users couldn't resist poking fun at the practicality of the remedies. "The steam from a boiling kettle will just burn you lol," one user quipped. Another added, "Just MAX out the TDP on your steam deck and you might receive said steam."

The conversation also highlighted a real sentiment among gamers. One user shared, "When I call in sick from work I'm definitely spending time in steam," while another noted, "I had a cold last week, and I played a s*** ton of No Man's Sky on the deck, and now I don't have a cold, so I kinda get it."

### The AI Angle

Some Redditors expressed skepticism about the role of AI in generating such content. "AI needs to stop lol," one user remarked, while another added, "I’m telling ya’ll: most of this AI stuff is just not really ready for prime time." Despite the jokes and criticisms, the thread provided a light-hearted look at how people are adapting traditional remedies in the digital age.

### Conclusion

The Reddit discussion around the image titled "Dying laughing at Google's results for cough home remedies" serves as a reminder that humor and technology often intersect in unexpected ways. Whether it's through the lens of gaming or questioning AI's capabilities, the conversation offers both laughs and insights into modern health advice.

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Top Comments from Reddit


AI needs to stop lol.


r/steamdeck is the best cure for a cough


ngl steam is pretty good when you're sick


That steam ain't no cure for a sore wallet, am I right?


Man I was laughing at this until I saw the comments frick you! I find it plenty funny!


Real talk though, sometimes the distraction of a good game/movie/show makes you think less about how itchy your throat/runny your nose/coughy your lungs are, and you eat, do whatever, and by the time you eat again you're like "hmm, I haven't coughed in two or three hours....that was nice, maybe I'm getting better."


Ok. Let me know when to laugh.


I’m telling ya’ll: most of this AI stuff is just not really ready for prime time.


Depending on the game, Steam might make it worse.


I had a cold last week, and I played a s*** ton of No Man's Sky on the deck, and now I don't have a cold, so i kinda get it.

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